Christian View on Marriage

Published: 2021-09-03 00:50:10
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As is the case in many marriages, it is not that we hear it very much, there are abuses, and the statistics tell us that 85% of the abuses of husbands are perpetrated. Many wives have become victims of abuse, and much of this abuse is invisible, as verbal, psychological, emotional, financial, and negligent.
At the center of abuse is a husband who is guided by the uncertainty and need for control. Every man who’s worth his salt will testify to these units, but not all men are going to support these units.The heart of every human being is the need to feel safe, but safety and security needs have increased in women. For a woman, this need for security is deeper in the way her husband cares about her holistic care to love her unequivocally by respecting her right to her mental and emotional well-being, ensuring that she is not an obstacle to her and accepts that he is the domain to which it is added. Their proactive support. In the simplest sense, it responds to your security needs by making you feel safe.
What does that mean?
He does not control them in any way, and his wife is the referee in him. When you feel controlled, you know and you feel safe. You are allowed to call it that. And he listens in humility and corrects his behavior.
Watch how you interact with your wife and be careful not to behave in a way that makes you feel anxious. Where his behavior causes his fear, he quickly recognizes his injustice and repents. He takes care of his anger, knowing that anger, frustration, and irritation are the things he hears. His wife feels much more threatening emotions, such as fear, intimidation and the degradation of her personality.
Recognizes that there are blatant differences in the way gender roles play; That their fear comes to their frustration. While he hates being frustrated and annoyed, he hates more than he feels anxious.
He understands that privilege and power are at your disposal to be simply masculine in this world. It is a journey for a man to come to this understanding because he has never been a woman. But understanding the privilege of gender and the associated Power has the choice: empowering and strengthening the people around you, especially girls and women in your life.
He takes his responsibilities seriously, he is not immediately ready to blame his wife for anything, and he loves to get the record out of his own eye in the conflict. And when he hesitates, he apologizes quickly with sincerity. He is committed to peacefully resolving conflicts. Learn when you can neglect a crime, commit to reconciliation and negotiation and take responsibility for yourself. It gives you permission to do what you hear is called or you are obliged to understand that you should not be obliged to receive your permission. It’s your Cheerleader. He has control of his life.
He shares his feelings with her, but he is anxious not to accuse her or attack her. In other words, he has his feelings and can keep them safe in his message. In this way, you are free to support it, without fighting the fear caused by having to support it, while you feel attacked or charged, you cannot support if you are attacked or charged.
But above all, a husband who loves his wife as Christ believes in the church, everything he says is important and precious and dignified. To do these things, the husband must have confidence in himself, and how can he trust himself if he is not safe in God? In Loving God, he learned the glory of serving his wife. A husband like that, for every woman, is a pleasure to submit, because there is no reciprocal submission. These are some of the mandates for which I am committed to advising spouses and wives.
And just to complete the article, men have to wonder how they can keep their wives safe, in the company of other uncertain people, especially in their workplaces. As soon as a sign of a toxic relationship in a workplace, the spouses can support their wives, allowing them to do everything in their power to use formal abuse processes; When exhausted, prepare to retire from dangerous situations.

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