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Published: 2021-09-10 18:20:09
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Core Physiotherapy is basically a healthcare provider that evaluates, analysis, treats and works to avoid injury and disability. Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio started with the name of Woodcroft Physiotherapy in 1993. The practice grew vividly due to decent client education as well as one-on-one patient care philosophy. The links between local doctors, members of local community and health care doctors became stronger with passage of time. After being successful in the first clinic, they opened their second clinic at Burnside in 1996 and the main emphasis in this clinic was on rehabilitation and pilates exercise systems which offers flexible sessions. Other clinics were opened from Adelaide’s Southern suburbs to the North Eastern region. At the same time, they changed their clinics name to ‘Core Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio’.
At present time, Core Physiotherapy clinics are fifteen in number and these clinics comprised of well qualified and experienced South Australian Physiotherapists with individual owners. A large range of services available can be explored on their clinic’s website such as Sports Physiotherapy, Dry Needling, Shockwave Therapy, Hydrotherapy etc. Additionally, wide variety of therapy aids are available for purchase or hire. Moreover, physiotherapists provide best physical treatment of musculoskeletal as well as neurological disorders. They mainly focus on listening problems of clients and provide them best solution to get them back to a healthy life. In case of gap between client’s visit, physiotherapists educate and guide them to manage their complaints by home exercises. Clinic staff keep on reminding patients who need treatment on regular basis about their next visit by phone calls which is a manual process and requires a lot of effort and time. Even in some cases, patients can forget or neglect the appointment. As, Core Physio don’t have any automatic tool to visualize the next visit of the client based on client’s previous history.So, facility wants an application- App for Client’s Visit Visualization to schedule the client’s next preventative visit to physiotherapist by sending an automatic email to client by accessing patient’s information from the existing database. Additionally, name of the physiotherapist and number of visits must be displayed in an email at the bottom. Moreover, physiotherapist should get an email indicating that an email is send to his patient. High level project requirements High level requirements refer to the works needed to satisfy project’s requirements in a suitable way. The high-level requirements for Client’s Visit Visualization app are given as following:
1. Staff Interface
a. Receive email: Physiotherapists/staff receive an email regarding next visit of the client on their mobile phone or laptop. Also, staff members can view that the patient is coming or not by his/her confirmation.
b. Viewing email: The physiotherapist or staff members can view the email on their computers or phones.
2. Client’s Interface
a. Receive email: Patients receive an email regarding their next visit to the physiotherapist on their mobile phone or laptop.
b. Viewing email: The patient can view the email on their computers or phones.
c. Confirm appointment: A patient can confirm or cancel the appointment based on his/her availability on that day.
3. Management Interface
a. Cancellation of appointments: The interface shows the number of cancelled appointments by the patients.
b. Available appointments: The interface shows the available time slots and days on which physiotherapist is available.
4. Schedule Interface
a. Add new patient: The details of a new patient are directly added by using the existing database.
b. Schedule appointment: Based of previous record and history of the patient, a preventative visit is scheduled and send it to the patient with a confirmation and cancellation button.
c. Sending emails automatically: The emails will be sent automatically to the patients in accordance to availability of physiotherapist.

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