Common Reasons of Ferret Sickness

Published: 2021-09-14 14:00:09
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Just like with other animals, ferrets are susceptible to various health issues most especially when improper care is given. There are many factors why your furry friend develops mild and severe health conditions. Among the most common reasons of ferret sickness includes poor hygiene, unbalanced diet, improper overall care, neglect and spending too little time with it.
With regards to your pet’s health, almost all owners will say that prevention is better than cure. This the reason why you must always practice and make precautionary steps to prevent developing health issues. However, there will be times when your furry pet will get sick even if you’ve done all that is needed for prevention. Although there are now various vaccinations and medical procedures to improve our pet’s chances against these diseases, sickness will always be a fact of life.Still, there are many effective ways to protect your pet. But before doing that, you must have the basic understanding regarding the most common health issues associated with your pet. With this simple knowledge, you can take the proper steps with your battle against these medical conditions.
Parasite infection is one of the most common health issues among ferret sickness. There are many reasons for this issue, with poor hygiene having the most blame. Keeping your pet and its surroundings clean should be a habit if you want to keep away these nasty parasites. In addition, you must also give only the freshest and cleanest food items to prevent parasite formation.
Due to its active and curious nature, your pet is constantly exposed to surroundings and things that can be carriers of parasites. You certainly don’t want to sacrifice its activities just to make sure that it will not come in contact with possible parasite carriers. The solution to this problem is strengthening your pet’s immune system. Aside from producing well balanced and nutritious diet, you can opt for vaccines that further solidifies immunity against these nasty parasites.
Parasitic infection in ferrets is diagnosed by symptoms including sudden weight loss, loss of appetite, inactivity, unwillingness to interact, loss of energy, diarrhea, and loose stool. If your pet shows any of these symptoms, immediately bring it to a vet for a medical checkup. If not properly treated, this can be fatal even in a few days. For severe cases, the vet might ask for a stool sample to give proper antibiotics to kill the bacteria or parasite.
Another common health hazard among ferrets is stomach blockage, which is usually caused by ingesting non-food items such as wood, plastic, and rubber. Due to its playful and curious nature, your pet has a tendency to nibble, chew or sometimes eat house objects that come its way. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this unwanted happening. An effective way is to train your pet about what it can and can’t eat or play with. Another is to make sure that your house is always free from small things that can pose a danger to your pet.
When your pet ingests a foreign object, symptoms may include vomiting, hard time breathing, and constipation. Being one of the leading causes of ferret deaths, you must immediately take it to a vet for proper procedure on removing the object or blockage.
Gum disease as one of the most common ferret sickness is developed in adult ferrets. Although less serious compared to other ferret sicknesses, it is also a cause of concern that needs proper medical attention. Gum diseases usually result from poor hygiene. Due to the fact that a major part of your pet’s diet is meat, the inside of its mouth is highly susceptible to various bacterial infections. This is the reason why it is recommended to have its mouth checked every few months.
There are many ways to prevent this issue. One is to give food items that contain cleaning agents suitable for ferret’s mouth. These cleaning substances help clean while also promoting overall oral hygiene. Another way is to ask your vet to clean the inside of your pet’s mouth professionally. This procedure includes cleaning and maintaining the health of the gums, tongue, and teeth. Aside from having stronger teeth and healthier gums, your pet will have fresher breath.

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