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Published: 2021-09-12 13:25:09
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Office for engineering consultancies started in Taif city under Eng. Ali Qanas Al-Qahtani for 30 years of experience in the architecture and planning field in Taif municipality. It held several positions including urban planning general director for 1414H and the urban observatory project director from 1429H to 1431H. The office was specialized on surveying field and hydrological studies only until became a pioneer in all engineering disciplines in terms of architectural, construction, electrical, mechanics, issuing licenses and codes, and government projects. Later on, it opened in Jeddah by following the same direction, and hope to reach the highest degree of satisfaction and improve the urban development in the Saudi Arabia as whole.
The Department
The company specialized in architecture and interior design. I worked in the interior design department with Eng. Moayed Al-Qahtani. He asked me to work on one task and two projects which are planning horizons design, Dazzle restaurant project, and residential villa project. I worked on planning spaces within walls, floors, ceilings, and designing furniture and lighting. So, this helped me to use my skills such as sketching, 3D drawing, coloring, AutoCAD, and 3D Max. Expectations
There were mutual expectations from both sides the company and the student. The company was thinking of the best from Dar Al-Hekma students architecture and design students because they have knowledge of modern technological programs and wide imagination. On the other hand, I was expecting support, motivation, information that will benefit me in my operational life. Job Description Work Experience Evidence Contribution Analysis The internship experience was very enjoyable and beneficial. Since the first day, I felt that I was in my future job, my dream came true to become a designer, responsible for my own work, and being away from university requirements.
On the first day, I began to recognize the place and the girls at work. When I started work, the Eng. Moayed Al-Qahtani asked me to do a simple design task for a small company (Planning Horizons Company) 13-8 meters consisting of a meeting room, two offices, service area, work area, bathrooms for men and women. So, I started drawing circulation and accessibility, zoning, and grid to arrange my ideas. Then, I started to do a search for images of offices, chairs, tables, materials, and colors to do the mood board, and I used the AutoCAD program for planing. Dazzle restaurant project Dazzle restaurant located on Al-Corniche road. The restaurant is about creating a casual dining style with senses of industrial style. The restaurant is known for using a lot of frying pan to serve melted cheese. The concept of analysis the frying pan process from clean to dirt will make the concept achieve. On the project, I was asked to design chairs, tables, stairs, ceiling, floors, walls, and lighting for the restaurant.
So, I began to study the restaurant in terms of colors required, weak tools used, uncomfortable seats, uneven stairs, poor design, and dark colors. All these things were weaknesses in the restaurant. After studying the weaknesses, I started designing the required and appropriate furniture which are fixed chairs, movable chairs, and table. So, I did a mood board and sketches that followed the desired form and the concept which focus on the tools used in the old or that resonate. Then, I did it by AutoCAD with more details. I started thinking about the design of the stairs and shapes that should be suitable for the restaurant and without losing cost and thinking about some questions, such as how to apply stairs? How can I use lighting in stairs? What materials should I use? So, I did some sketches and mood board. I Searched for images of the ceilings that are the same style as the restaurant, the customer wanted the idea of a wood or iron ceiling to be attractively and to be repeated and different. So, I did sketches and mood board to show the idea.
I Searched for the types of lighting required, but the forms are uncertain because the ceiling is very annoying and I do not want to put lighting on it because it becomes more troublesome, so I did drawing and mood board.
Residential Villa Project (No kids, no family only for Men)
The villa is a chalet called Al-Murjan specialized for men only. The chalet is about having a modern and simple home style with senses of minimalist style, and I understood that the client wanted the cool colors and simple furniture. Moreover, it is consisting of a large hall, bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, dining room, cinema, swimming pool, and a small garden. I started to search for suitable images such as pictures for the sofa, floors, ceilings, and lighting then I started to show some details such as a way of showing the TV, and how the cinema is designed with the necessary tools and lighting. In addition, I put a plan that explained the room style, as required.
Learning through
Internship In today’s companies, teamwork and groups of people mean working together towards same goals to carry out the work, although it can be a challenging for the manager because being in-group can week down the task itself, and it might be complicated everyday processes even the easiest task. However, the task can be finished faster than one person working alone. Also, it has positive effects on each person in-group.
For example, it helps in bringing people with different skills and knowledge together. Teamwork will encourage the exchange of creativity and concepts motivations, and it can enhance individual roles. As a part of my group internship, I learned how to draw sketches in an easy way, and how to color them beautifully. Also, I learned new techniques in AutoCAD and 3D max programs. Finally, the impact of the internship to myself is my confident grew since I stepped into this internship.
Positive Impact
The internship was affected my life in many aspects including time management and sleeping early. First, I became a part of the daily internship; the positive impact in my social life had become more flexible with people and clients. Second, I could schedule my work by myself, so I know what I have to do and what I do not. When I met the client and understood what his needs, I began to list down what required for me and gave a positive effort. Third, I understood life through my experience in the internship by working on a realistic work, although it was only a month it became an important part of my life. Fourth, I saw the change in my work day by day, improvement in performance, and learning new information, such as learning about the materials that can be used and available in Jeddah stores, prices and types of approved fabrics.
Culture and Cognition
I found the workplace very suitable for me because there was women’s section in the same company, there was privacy in the place, and there was a correlation between the female in terms of communication, education, and help. When I asked for anything or need, I found it available for me. Even when I suggested some idea or personal information, there was always answer and support with saving the serious work at the same time. I found myself in my family because most of my time was there. Finally, I feel that I want to continue in this organization as I become more mature and experienced during the month, so I want to continue even if the internship period is over.
Self-assessment and Opportunities
There were some of my weaknesses that I faced in the internship, but there were opportunities that I benefit from. First, when I do a search for furniture and materials, I do not know how much the price, or where it be available in Jeddah. I do not have enough knowledge of shops and the good samples because in the university researches we were not aware of these things. In addition, I was one of those who have difficulty in learning about shops and materials and knowing what are the best and appropriate. Second, how do I installed objects, such as how the stairs are constructed, how the elevator is made and installed. It was important for the designer to know because in designing a plan you should know this in real work, so I used YouTube to learn how it is done. Third, how to design the new furniture in the 3D Max program, which required a lot of time in designing a furniture with following the changes that the customer request at the same time. On the other hand, the good points that I have benefited from are. First, the realistic design that gave me a hope to reach the goal. When I visit the place that is designed and see my design applied to the place, this increases my energy to work more forcefully. Second, searching for furniture and drawing accurately, and after it becomes all parts very clear, my mind starts to reproduce the idea faster and shows the required jobs in the furniture in terms of form and function at the same time. This was a positive point for me in the quick design and furniture drawing. Third, when the business accumulates, I have the ability to prioritize the work from early too late. I arrange all the required work in the internship, so I finish the required work on time. Lastly, many of positive points that I could complete as required in the speed of work, such as printing the required papers in a regular basis on time, when I do not know in anything, I search through learning from YouTube, reliable education sites, or I ask a professional designer in the company about it to shorten the time.
Organizational Evaluation
The company is good at work. It has all the necessary purposes for design, such as printing in sizes. There are computers where all the design programs are available to use. There is privacy in the place for women, and there is a divider between offices. The work environment is suitable for serious work; the number of female trainees is about 10. I advise all trainees and employees to perform their training or job needs because they have good aspects and provide all the required. There are no specific weaknesses or needs to be mentioned.
Further Analysis
My Experience as an Interior Design My internship took place in summer 2018 working with students from Effat University and KAU University. It was a great experience that encourages me to be better understood the professional workplace and expectations that come with it. Through this internship, I have learned the important skills to plan a restaurant in our real life. Moreover, I have learned three lessons from my internship. First, the majority of interior design projects at the university are totally done individually or smaller teamwork and it will be very simple. The challenge in this internship makes the transition from a basic designer or student into the professional design world. What really made me proud is how to work with external suppliers, contractors, and most importantly, clients, to complete a project smoothly. Second, being in university there is limited exposure to the complexities of communication, in terms of both the study environment and people we voluntarily keep contact with, but in companies, one is relied upon to push these limits by a more prominent degree by managing various circumstances and keeping up great associations with partners. Third, as students we often work in the imageable version of a professional case, for example, everything is taken into consideration and seriously. This radically change when we work with teamwork at companies, such as, material finishes that we have to know our cost limit then work in projects developments. Overall, the experience as an intern has been invaluable, and I have learned crucial lessons that will stay with me throughout my career as an Interior Designer at K.S.A.

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