Compare and Contrast Frankenstein

Published: 2021-09-13 04:50:09
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As many many years go on and antique items and ideas become flushed with the new generations becoming technical minded and newer equipment, but problems and difficulties will remain in human lives forever. There will always be a time of misfortune, death, and conflict.
Back in the year of 1792, when Frankenstein was being made by Victor Frankenstein, who named it after himself for his big accomplishment, however did not do a very good job taking care of him. Even though that Frankenstein looks horrific and deformed Victor should have cared more about the monster and given it some parent guidence, but instead moved away from his big leadership with the monster. When the monster was born, it faced desertion from the people who lived in the town but also from his own creator who wanted nothing to do with it. Because of this, Victor created a hateful and vengeful creature that wanted to sought him out to kill Victor and his family. All because victor wanted to run away from his own problem. Readers compare this act to modern day disability and the diseased that cannot help their situation. Many parents and doctors and the society believe that they are useless beings and should die, for instance: Hitler (Nazi), Great Britain Society, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, China, South Wales, and Evan the United States. This is something that these countries should never be in common for but will never change their political thoughts of humans to monsters. Even animals get treated better than our human society, which is completely messed up!Many who read this story feels compassion and heartbroken for Frankenstein, but care nothing about the modern day problems for the down syndrome and the sick. Back in the mid 1700’s to 1800’s there was basically no cure for this problem and surgery was an automatic death, just because the doctors at that time had no medical training or had any degree in medicine. That is the reason why Frankenstein looks the way he looks. But if we change the scenario to modern technology to the 1700’s than Frankenstein would look differently and maybe be treated with more respect and be helped. We can also compare the homeless in modern society to Frankenstein considering that he had no place to live and had to kill animals in order to have clothing to keep warm. The same for the homeless everywhere in the world who either chose to be like that or never had a chance to be successful that of a millionaire. But we can say that maybe like frankenstein, he never had a chance and was immediately trashed for who he was. We should never take into account of how someone looks, acts, because from the tv series, “Little Einstein,” there is a possible outcome, but that can only happen if we give them the help that they need instead of how society treated Frankenstein.
Many people ask how would Frankenstein be treated if he existed in our modern time era “2018”, comparing the two years 1792 and 2018, there would be no difference. Honestly 1792 would be the better year to live because of the technology and criticism that our society lives in. First, the press would make a huge deal out of the whole Frankenstein situation preferably his looks, but also his character. When asked from the writer to the readers “describe Frankenstein’s motives, or his attitudes towards his townspeople?” The main response to this question was that Frankenstein is a mean and revengeful creature; others however would say that Frankenstein is depressed and need some counseling. All in all these opinions and hypocritic answers do prove that our society is trash and is the main reason on suicides. Frankenstein living in modern year (2018), would feel depressed and go on a rampage of revenge. The technology in 1700 and 2018 puts a huge aperture between one another. Second, social media would again cause complete chaos, considering it does today making others feel uncomfortable and depressed. Groupies, snapchat, instagram have always been a factor as certain groups attack each other based on looks and who they hang out with. Based on the story, frankenstein had no friends which would conclude that he would be constantly attacked by verbal comments as well as physically attacked. Frankenstein was much of a quiet and non disturbance of the peace which kept him in the dark and living in the lonely mountains in Switzerland. Frankenstein would have no chance surviving 2018 if he stayed the way he was. He would have to know that there were professional medical companies and hospitals that could heal and upgrade is body than looking like he just woke up from a grave. His common sense was very low so eventually figuring it out would lead to success but getting accepted by the doctors lead to discrimination and back on the streets. There are many capable ways frankenstein could survive but with factoring in reality he would die. In other words, if we talk about him surviving the 1700’s, he could. Just because the expansion and upgrading of technology and the way people think and treat others were not savage as 2018 and with another thought, many people back in those days mainly kept to themselves so observing and treating frankenstein with respect would be in his odds. Unfortunately, the medical advancement was not there and would not be capable of fixing him to blend him enough into society. Still, frankenstein did find a friend in the book Roger Walton, who was a expeditionist traveling the non habitant lands, became a friend and helped frankenstein find “The Evil Doctor”, who created him, and to take revenge for making him have a miserable life as a monster. Roger would constantly tell frankenstein that he looked human and he should be treated with respect. Roger explains that frankenstein has: arms, legs, hair, he can walk, and can talk english like a person. Roger in multiple scenarios would stand side by side with frankenstein and fought poachers who tried to kill him. Roger took frankenstein everywhere he went to make sure he was protected. Roger explained to frankenstein about his rights and how no one could discriminate based upon how he looked. In 2018, the people and society does not even treat the military with equal rights or even give them a home. If frankenstein was a dog or some kind of animal, he would have more rights than a person and he could just fit in with society.

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