Components of Oneself: Ethics, Values, Norms

Published: 2021-09-12 14:15:08
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Ethics: It deals with the proper course of action and tells us what is right and wrong. At a basic level it categorizes our values and pursue them. Ethics are required for human life. It is a mean of deciding a course of action. Without ethics our actions would be random and aimless.
For example, if a politician takes a large amount of money from a businessman to promote his business in front of the former politician colleagues, there is nothing illegal about this, but somehow many people would feel it was wrong. it is clearly right to enforce the law. it is also clearly right to foreclose on a house when the person in possession defaults on the mortgage. However, it is right to foreclose on hundreds or thousands of homes when this will have an adverse effect not only on those people, but on society as a whole? That is largely an ethical question and has no easy answer if it has an answer at all.Moral Values: Moral values are set of principles guiding us to evaluate what is right or wrong
Moral values help shape the character and personality of individuals. Children are taught about it through moral stories. Moral values such as integrity, determination, loyalty, truthfulness, honesty, giving respect to each other etc. should be inherited by every individual. As stated earlier moral values help us distinguish between what’s right and wrong, good or bad for you as well as society. So, as a result, your decision making power improves naturally.
Respecting each other no matter what age of the person standing in front of you helps you gain good relations at every walks of life, be it family, workplace, or society. It also helps in finding the true purpose of your life.
Norms: There are basically two types of norms:
Social and behavioral
Social norms are the rules followed and practiced by the society, like submerging the sculptures of gods and goddesses in India, not going out without wearing a hijab in middle eastern and Islamic countries.
Behavioral norms are the norms which justify the behavior of a person like how open the people are to the world around for example it looks inappropriate for a father to bring his daughter into the men’s restroom with men using urinals in the open, nothing is wrong with this thing but it is a behavioral norm and we have to follow it.
I’ll give one more example: Like the wife has to take the husband’s last name or surname after marriage, but I think it totally depends upon the women to accept this and this decision should be totally left to her.
Building blocks of self: Your vitals
T- Temperament
A-Around the clock activities
L- Life mission and meaningful goals
S- Strengths
My parents played a pivotal role in teaching me values which are important and necessary in life such as helping others, being polite to others and respecting elders.
From a small age I liked music and I used to sing also. This developed my interest in taking piano lessons thrice a week. The keyboard usually draws my attention and it attracts me towards itself.
Though I didn’t go on to become a professional pianist or a musician but I learnt it as it was my passion and hobby.
I am an introvert and like to keep things to myself unless anyone comes up and talk to me I don’t call out someone. I think I save my energy in speaking less because I am particular about what to speak at the right time.
I am a morning kind of person and I don’t like waking up late at night. I run most of my errands in the morning as during this time my energy is at its peak. I believe the night is to sleep and recharge our brain cells so they work at maximum efficiency during the day. So in my school and college I used to get up early and study so that I could finish most of the work in less amount of time.
To me coming to Canada and studying here is the most meaningful goal I have achieved till date, because we travelled thousands of miles far away from our parents and everyone to start a new life on our own to become independent and strong both mentally and physically.
So I used to sing from a small age my music teacher always appreciated and told me “I have the best voice in whole of the music department”, but he came to know that I selected the school band over music, he was furious with me and wanted that I join music immediately. But I wanted to learn something new – instruments like flute, trumpet and I learnt them as I was already good in singing.
Benefits of knowing myself:
The benefits of knowing yourself are tremendous. If one is in touch with themselves, they can make predictions as to how they would feel about certain circumstances that are encountered. It won’t be such a shock when events happen and life spirals out of control. If you know “you”, then you can better handle life upsets and surprises.
On the other hand, it takes these “upsets and surprises” to teach you who you really are.
For example, in my school time everyone wanted to be in a good engineering college, so they joined coaching classes so that they can clear the entrance examinations. I knew myself that if I joined the coaching then it would be a disaster for me as I would not be able to cope up with the pressure from the coaching as well as the school at the same time. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to polish yourself. Every day of your life should be spent improving yourself in all aspects. You can only improve once you know what you’re bad at and where you lack in. I discovered this long ago and I realized what I am made of so I joined home tuitions which would help me to strengthen my basic concepts first and then move to advanced level.
I used to criticize myself for being an introvert and not talking publically and not even taking part in class activities. People say me that I am shy, you are so quiet, say something.
This only made me more shy and speak up even less than before, now I know and accept the fact I am shy and quiet. I don’t criticize myself for that anymore.
Effect of environment and culture:
So I grew up in a city named Delhi, which is in India. So my elder sister used to listen to English songs and she got me into a habit of listening to English music. I still remember I used to listen bands like backstreet boys, west life and Bryan Adams. Listening to these not only made me happy but also in a way improved my speaking English.
My father studied from a Christian school in Delhi “St. Xavier’s”, so it is understood English was in our genes and maybe this was the reason we liked English music. So my father got me into bands like Pink Floyd, Beetles, and Eagles which very much motivated me to play the keyboard. So these bands got me into a whole new world of nu metal which is a mix of rap and rock; bands like Linkin park, Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Nirvana, Guns N roses and many more. So I don’t think many parents wouldn’t even allow their children to listen this kind of heavy metal music especially in India which shows my parents are open to me and free to talk with me on any topic just like a friend.
So today I thank them that they helped me to bring up in such a way that I could handle myself in a Western country like Canada and I am grateful to them.
My key Strengths
• Great analytical skills – From small age I like maths and solving puzzles, so I am good in analytical skills automatically.
● Remarkable time management – I manage my time very well as I make a list of everything and set a list of reminders on my google keep application in morning so as to finish my errands on time.
● Ability to learn new programs with ease
● Dedication- I am dedicated to finish my work every time.
● Working well under pressure and under own initiative- I don’t know what it is a god gift or something but even if I study on the last day before my exam, I used to get good grades, I know it is not good in long terms but who cares when you are getting the grades.
My areas of development would be improving my communication skills as I am an introvert and I do not like to talk much. I believe in listening carefully and then make my decision, but sometimes when I have to say something I stuck up. So this is one area I have to work upon.
My another weakness is that I cannot say no to people. I have been taught to help everyone as I mentioned earlier and keep helping others. This leads to overwork and stress on me as well.
For example, my friend is doing co-op in this semester, though it is completely wrong but I finish his assignments which are given to him as I know he is tired from the work and he has no time at all even to look after himself. So I cannot say no to my friend for this and I complete his assignments on certain occasions.
Sometimes I feel nervous speaking in front of large group of people.
Some other weaknesses are:
I. Email Communication
II. Lack of humor
III. Not good at delegating tasks
IV. Shy at giving constructive criticism
V. Multi-tasking
To improve my skills, I am planning to take presentation skills to overcome this weakness. I try to be brief and specific. I am also planning to take an online course on as it offers more than 18000 videos on every topic pretty much covering every skill.
Also I am trying to speak in English with everyone I could as it would automatically improve my communication skills and the right way of talking to others.
I don’t think multi tasking is important but certain times we have to do many things at the same time like working on two different pc’s at the same while editing a video for my YouTube channel.
I need to be more straightforward to others as I am not good at delegating tasks to others and I often don’t want to see anyone struggle.

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