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Published: 2021-09-13 04:45:08
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Market that is evolving at an exponential rate. 76% respondents feel that the market change more in past two years than in previous 50. Over last year 60% of people using voice search. Social media is most popular content marketing for 90% of business to customer businesses, and 94% business to business marketers use Linkedln .
The four digital marketing implementations are:Hyper – Focused Content:(Content Marketing):
It is a marketing technique to create and share valuable content to attract coustomers with the purpose to attain profitable buyer action. The research shows vast majority of marketers who use content marketing. Many organization in world that are Microsoft , Cisco system and John Degree also use content marketing. By using the content marketing the benefits are increased sales , cost savings, better customer having enough loyality.
Compelling content creation:

For know the audience its necessary to understand the language, desire ,and those which resonate with them and also the which they don’t like.
There are four steps that could be used to create the compelling content for audience.
Create buyers persons
Audience’s pain points
Making a list of proved topic ideas
Using the curve method to craft compelling content.

Create Buyer’s Persons
This is the first step and for adopting this one should know their audience then it become easy. By knowing the audience its best way to create buyer’s persons. Buyer’s persons are semi fictional characters that represent prospective customer by creating them one could know about audience on the worldwide and then developing the product ,services and the content. By buyer’s persons the promotion of content become easy.
Pick the Audience Pain Point
There are many ways to pick the pain point the main three resources are most effective.

Quora : This is the advanced fourm where professional constantly asks questions.
Social Network : By using social media sources questions could be asked and then answers will provide fresh ideas.
Qeryz: It is web based service, through this mini interviews and questions could be asked.

Making List of Proven Topic Ideas
Content should be start with right topic and if the suboptimal topic is choosed then the content not gone well. The two main ways that are the
BuzzSumo & Topsy. By these it become easy.
Curve method to craft: In this method C stands for curiosity, U for urgency , R for relevancy , V for value , E for emotion. This method was created for writing compelling email subject lines and also for content.
Voice in SEO Strategies
Predictions shows that by 2020, 50% of searches will done by using of voice. This means if anyone not including voice in SEO strategy now its time to get in. Marketers know the importance of quality content. It’s more important with voice search.
It provide specific and concise answers. The created content should directly answer the question in least words. It ensure that webpage is optimized already. 99.58% featured pages ranked in Google’s top 10 so the page must be engaging. Strong links must be given and the metadata must be optimized. As the voice search is exclusively used in mobile devices so it must be sure that website is mobile optimized. If it not so happen the user become impatient and bounce back.
It provide the questions based keyword. Find which sequence are used mostly.
Millennial Drivers
Convenience stores are twice important to millennials as fast casual restaurants. Convenience is a key. Everyone want quick answers that are easy to find. Ensure that everyone get right answer by correct guidance. One should use the natural language and phrases that millennial visitor use.
By some of these ways like:

Using of videos
Using the soical media
Creating valuable content
Developing and app to give information.

Artificial Intelligence
AI automation is the Transformation of business to attract and interact with customers. 15% of respondents use chatbot to interact with business in 12 months.
There are three ways that are:

Interact with website visitor

AI bots are easy to live chat even not having the dedication of employee. Bot can programmed to answer the asked questions and then further passed to original person.

The experience is personalized

The customer like and praise the personal experience. 2018 we hope good kind of deal in continous changing digital world.

Qualifying the leads

Lead management that is the big challenge with more number of leads from digital efforts. Bots ask questions then answer and pass on when it is appropriate. Integrate the social media with Facebook , Messenger etc.

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