Critical Thinking:the Ethics Behind It and the Six Levels

Published: 2021-09-05 21:10:16
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Critical Thinking and Ethics
One of the most important aspects of being successful academically is developing the skill of critical thinking. According to “” (2016), “Critical thinking is the disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded and informed by evidence.” Without this skill, we would be susceptible to the easiest of manipulation. Described by psychologist Benjamin Bloom, the six types of thinking are remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating.
Six Levels of Critical Thinking
For remembering you have to ask yourself if you can remember certain factors in what you’re learning. Can you turn around and teach what you just learned to a different handful of students? When you know that you can explain in your own words what you’re being taught, then you should understand. Using an idea that you’ve just acquired to make a result you want happen is making excellent use of the type applying. Analyzing is the act of using your new knowledge into steps to get your desired result. If you can rate the truth and quality of an idea and also give accurate reasoning behind your rating then you are successfully evaluating the information received. The best way to think creatively about an idea is to come up with a way to invent something new about it.
Critical thinking promotes so many positive changes to our world. For example, we could influence our society against many prejudices which currently is truly what the world needs. Without these preconceived notions so many people have now, so many could become critical thinkers and change the way we communicate with each other.
My Ethical Lens Inventory was a true eye opener for me. I had no idea of so many potential downfalls I could cause upon myself. My blind spot is very one sided. The Ethical Lens stated that because I follow rules, everyone should, no if ands or buts.
By having this blind spot, I run the risk of hurting the other people around me because I stand so hard with my motive. I personally don’t like this trait about me because I don’t like the idea of causing anyone pain and I plan on working hard to obtaining a more open mindset to other people’s justifications. My personal ethics had the results of being very independent.
Being autocratic has a huge impact on my decision making because I believe everyone should have their independent duties to fulfill so that everything is treated fairly. By making decisions such as this, I sacrifice other’s opinions because I tend to lead more on my own which could greatly affect my work. I do want to change this aspect of my thinking but without sacrificing my core values.
With time and determination I believe I will be successful. In my opinion my ethics can greatly affect my professional and societal responsibilities. For example, my ‘seeing clearly’ is listening to my heart. If I ever have a negative feeling about something in the pit of my stomach, I will completely steer away from that situation. This could save me from many potential downfalls like investing in the wrong company, changing careers and even allowing certain people in my life.
Having the vice for becoming judgmental and legalistic in a professional atmosphere can be both good and bad. Obsessing over minute details can provide assurance that my work is excellent but it can lead to me alienating my fellow classmates or co-workers. This is when the judgmental side of me will come out when I feel as if you’re not putting in as much effort and I’ll negatively label those people as unethical.
Critical thinking and ethics are detrimental to becoming successful either academically or professionally. By obtaining the critical thinking skills necessary you can automatically put your communication and listening skills on a high standard. Simply not allowing yourself to be persuaded against your core values or to stand against preconceived notions will seriously impact the society around us positively. Learning your personal ethics and core values will guarantee your success. Especially if your affected the same as myself and aren’t happy with your ethical beliefs entirely. Opening our minds and allowing our brains to think differently and apply the necessary changes as we see fit will ensure our short and long term goals are met.

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