Customer Perception Towards Online Shopping

Published: 2021-09-14 11:30:10
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After the inauguration of new submarine optic fiber in Bangladesh in the year 2006, from 2000 to 2008 Bangladesh e-commerce sector emerged as a new platform for businesses. What enhanced this platform if the easy access to internet and the increasing number of users. Moreover, the introduction of 4G mobile internet revitalized the online shopping platform rapidly. According to a recent survey Bangladesh has a growing online market of around 2 billion BDT. Currently, there are about thousands of websites and approximate 15000 Facebook pages related to online shopping. The survey we conducted on 80 respondents shows that 63.3% of the respondents prefer online shopping which clearly states that customers have a very positive attitude towards online shopping.
In online shopping products with the detailed information are showed along with price details on the websites and pages from where the customers get access to the products. According to our survey, customers prefer buying daily necessities, fashion and clothing, electronic gadgets, home appliances, books, cosmetics through online. Daraz, Bagdoom, Pickaboo, Chaldal, Banglashoppers these are all the preferred online platforms by the people of Bangladesh because customers think that reliability and authenticity is one of the important factors in online shopping. Apart from these platforms there are hundreds of authentic pages in social media where customers prefer doing their online shopping. People living in the cities prefer online shopping as it saves a lot of their time and money as well in some cases.Usually, young people are more prone to using online platforms for shopping. From our survey we also found out that people aged from 18-30 mostly prefer buying online. Customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons behind customer’s preference towards online shopping. This can be related with the results that we found from our survey. 47.5% of the respondents are satisfied with the overall experience of online shopping.
A research was conducted on Determinants of consumer Attitudes towards E-commerce where how some factors like perceived risk, demographic, socioeconomic factors influenced buyer behavior were discussed. The findings from the research showed that behavioral and demographic factors have significant influence on buyer behavior and thus people became more used to online shopping nowadays.
The activities of online shopping have been divided into two ways which are online and the other one is offline. Information regarding the product and other communicating ways are part of online and delivery system is part of offline system. The delivery time of the product and the cost comparing to the physical stores has always been a part of customers’ satisfaction. Customers’ perception gets positive only if both of these factors are satisfying enough.
There have been many surveys conducted on the people of Norway, Pakistan, India to know about their perception towards online shopping. In a research it is found that people of Norway has a very positive attitude towards online shopping unlike people of Bangladesh. On another survey done on the people of Bangladesh it has been found that still there are many people who does not have any idea about online shopping. However, Bangladesh still has a potential future in online based shopping.
Customers’ perception towards online shopping is more on the positive side because of the advantages they get through online shopping. Interaction between the consumer and the service provider also creates a great impact on the customer’s minds. In case of online shopping customer needs more interaction with the seller because of the trust issues whereas physical stores require less interaction. Based on the survey and research that we have done it is clearly visible that the future of online shopping in Bangladesh is on a rise due to customer’s positive perception towards it.

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