Dan Gheesling – an American Reality Television Personality

Published: 2021-09-14 10:20:10
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The former high school teacher told in his blog, How to Get on Reality TV of how it took him four years and over eight auditions to finally land a place in a reality show. When he finally scored a place on Big Brother 10 in 2008, Dan played what was considered a perfect game which explains why he did not receive even a single eviction vote. He went on to trump his renegade ally, Memphis Garrett by a unanimous vote, 7-0 from his evicted peers, as well as getting all the jury on his side winning the $500,000 prize.
With his victory, he became the only US player and the first of two winners to succeed in a unanimous vote. Thus, his victory is still regarded as one of if not the best victories of all time in the show history and him, the best player in the show so far.Following his phenomenal win, Dan Gheesling nicknamed Judas during the show detailed in his book, How A Normal Got Cast On A Reality TV on how he beat the odds and fulfilled his dream of being in the Big Brother house. He was called back to the season 14 as a coach intending to lead his team to victory. During the running of the show for the 14th season, Dan found himself trapped in a solitary confinement – being locked into a room for 24 hours.
Being a brilliant gamer and seeing that everyone wanted him out of the house, he figured that there will always be a way out as long as one believes one can get out. Hence, he masterminded himself off the block with the most epic game move in Big Brother history: staging his own funeral and eulogizing himself.
The funeral was intended to convince his fellow houseguests that he was dead in the game which translates to no more scheming, alliances, and game talk which gave him the chance to continue on very carefully undetected. And the fact that his plan worked in not only saving him from possible eviction but also in disarming his peers is plain brainy. Eventually, he made it to the final four and finished the season in the second place behind Ian Terry in a 6-1 vote.
In his two appearances on the series, he became the first and only winner to make it to the final two twice. Added to his wizardry on the show, Dan has authored several books including Clean Your Own Mirror and How A Normal Guy Got on Reality TV.

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