Design & Fabrication of Gravity Based Solar Tracker Applied on Scheffler Reflector

Published: 2021-09-13 09:40:09
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A strength unfastened solar tracking device for Scheffler solar cooker appropriate for up to 6 hours of cooking. The requirement for sun monitoring alongside the altitude has been removed by way of orienting Scheffler dish at a predetermined most effective perspective for the season for a selected location. The requirement for tracking along the azimuth has been addressed via the use of the gravitational capacity power saved in a water container related to a pair of springs. Discharge of water from the container at a consistent predetermined charge drives a timing belt established on semi-circular bar of Scheffler cooker to rotate with the sun at a uniform price
A standout amongst the most effective methods for tackling the sun powered vitality is to utilize it for cooking, which represents up to 33% of the aggregate essential vitality utilization in numerous nations. Utilization of sun oriented cookers has the capability of lessening the general vitality request, as well as prompt significant decrease in ozone depleting substance discharge and deforestation. The need of this time is to expand the utilization of sustainable power source because of impediment of measure of non-sustainable power source like oil, coal, common gases and so on and because of increment in rate of populace development. Sustenance is one of the essential need of person. Sustainable power source administrations have vast application in sources have substantial application in cooking process. For ex. Biogas plant, sun based cooker and so forth sun based cooker is most best cooking framework as a result of its simple development, dealing with. Sun based cooker are best in Pakistan as a result of high accessibility of sun oriented vitality. A normal, in Pakistan daylight is accessible approx. 300 day in year, which make sun powered cooker more ideal cooking framework in contrast with the frameworks in view of non-sustainable power sources.Paraboloid dish compose sun based cookers are accessible in advertise with or without following framework. In by and large electronic gadgets are utilized for following framework in paraboloid dish write sun based cooking framework. The primary downside of electronic based following framework is that it is exorbitant and the following framework might be harm because of abundance warm. To conquer this issue which is identified with electronic based following framework, an absolutely new idea is used which depends on gravity. The outline and development of this kind of following framework is very basic and extremely modest in cost when contrasted with gadgets based following framework.
The most mainstream and surely understood sunlight based cooker is the Scheffler cooker, because of its greatest effectiveness in all cookers and simplicity of produce and lower costs. However, it suffers from a first-rate dis-gain that it’s far required to regularly comply with the sun alongside guidelines – azimuth and altitude. This requirement results in the manual readjustment of the parabolic reflector every 20–30 min, becoming a major hurdle in its huge scale adoption. Currently, a gravity based tracking machine turned into proposed which can trace the sun for up to six hours without the use of any outside source of strength. The machine applied a spring linked to a water box via a wire. The spring is constrained to stretch or compress on the bottom rod having slider. A timing belt connect on slider that related to a semicircle. A slider rotate a semicircle along a curved route as spring stretches or compresses. A Scheffler Reflector positioned over the rotating guide that connected to a semicircle rotates alongside the solar if water is discharged at an identical flow value from the water container. The Stratagem is illustrated in Fig. 1
However, the common results of five assessments of the machine for six hours duration each, as shown in Fig.2 shows that the rate of rotation of the cooker isn’t always flawlessly linear with reference to time.
Gravity Base Sun Tracking System
The pure Mechanical primarily based monitoring system incorporate slider, spring, timing belt and semicircle. The low weight silver bar having length L is the double of strip length 2L which moves as slider move. The long metal strip over the slider is set up with a timing belt and positioned on square type scheffler reflector base. A semicircle having radius R that is joining with a rotating assist of scheffler reflector is likewise set up with a timing belt. The whole proposed mechanism proven in Figs.3 and 4.
For 6 hours tracking selecting length on semicircle, we have 90° angular rotation. The semicircle has to be rotated by linear distance to track the sun for 6 h: Length = (π/2) * R
The weight of the water within the box required to provide the pair of springs a full stretch is to be given below: W=2kL in which ‘k’ is the spring constant of every spring. The preferred rate of discharge of water ζ from the water box is given by the subsequent equation: ζ=W/6g (kg/h)=W/(211.68) (g/s) in which ‘g’ (m/s2) is the acceleration because of gravity, spring constant ‘k’ is measured in N/m and the radius of the semicircle ‘R’ is measured in meters. In exercise ‘R’ must be as massive as feasible to provide sufficient torque to rotate the top scheffler reflector sun cooker.Fig.5 indicates the tracking device having scheffler reflector sun cooker.
Experimental results
Experimental outcomes of six hours of tracking operation alongside the azimuth, for scheffler sun cooker with R=.42m and k = 42 N/m.The box had packed with 5.78 kg of water, which changed into discharged at a steady rate of ζ =.26 (g/s) outcomes are averaged over four 6 h. readings received at 15 min intervals, on continuous days, for the duration of 9:00 to 15:00 h, local time.

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