Difference Between Manager and Engineer

Published: 2021-09-14 20:15:08
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Engineering and management are two different streams of inculcation and one opts to become and engineer or a manager by vocation. But the distinction between a an engineer and a manager becomes blurred in authentic life situations when an engineer is involved in consummating a project as he is in effect leading a team that he manages. It would be veridical to verbalize that engineering and management espoused quite a long time ago engineers are required in their jobs to perform some of the roles of a manager whereas managers additionally require having the acumen of an engineer as when they face technical quandaries. The very fact that many universities are offering stream called engineering management or management engineering is a reflection of the desire of corporations to have men qualified enough to tackle the dual challenges of technical projects. Here is a more proximate visually examine distinctions between a manager and an engineer.
The distinction between a manager and an engineer in handling management jobs boils down to differences in approaches of engineers and managers and the way they are oriented when dealing with different tasks.Whereas engineers fixate on the job at hand, the focus of managers is on the team they are given to accomplish a task. Managers optically canvass the budget, resources available to them and the time constraint afore they commence to feel comfortable. On the other hand, engineers are more daring and concentrate on the job at hand more than anything else. Engineers take decisions predicated upon their cognizance and skills whereas decisions of a manager are predicated upon many constraints such as capital, process, and his team and so on. An engineer performs individual tasks whereas a manager is involved in orchestrating, leading, controlling, and organizing.As far as output of work is concerned, an engineer’s work is quantifiable and can be quantified. On the other hand, only qualitative analysis of the work of a manager is possible. His work can be judged more in terms of financial verbal expressions of the company he is working with. An engineer relies on his technical skills, whereas a manager relies on the skills of the members of his team and gets the work done through motivation.
A manager is always people centered whereas an engineer is always technology centered. An engineer’s approach is centered around how whereas a manager’s approach is centered around what and why. An engineer is always concerned with the workability of a project whereas a manager is concerned whether it will integrate value and lead to customer contentment along with profit for the stakeholders.

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