The Dark Side of the American Diet and Fast Food Industry

Published: 2021-09-11 21:10:10
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An average American spends more than 1,000 dollars only on junk food or fast food. In today’s history, there is so much obesity because of junk food or fast food, thanks to the founders of the fast food restaurants. These founders didn’t only find fast food restaurants but also caused an effect in Americans lives. The Fast Food Nation got better when McDonald’s first built the assembly line, which everyone got impressed and it started to become national. Families started to enter these fast food restaurants because they are building playgrounds, bringing toys, and preparing a new menu for the kids, which attracts kids to come with their parents, and make them spend more money on food. On the other hand, in schools, there are fast food advertisements everywhere. Not only fast food advertisement, but even in the student’s lunch menu there is fast food. The Fast Food Industry used little toddlers and younger kids as there advertisements. After a long time, it was not allowed.
That’s not it the food these parents buy for their kids comes from an unclean place and this might cause you and your child to become ill. The Fast Food Nation grew extremely fast it started really small. People would sell hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas, and etc in food carts. A man named Carl N. Karcher was one of the fast food industry’s pioneers. Carl’s uncle offered him a job in Anaheim, California. He would be working at his uncle’s shop. Anaheim was a small town surrounded by ranches and farms. Anaheim was the heart of Southern California’s citrus a place where all the oranges, lemons, and tangerines were produced. When Carl was working at his uncle’s shop he saw a woman that he got in love with. After a while, he took her on an ice cream date, not long before they got married and had one child. Carl stopped working at his uncle’s shop and started to work at a bakery named Armstrong Bakery in L.A. After a while Carl saw how fast the food cart stands were getting popular. When Carl heard there was a hot dog cart for sale on Florence Avenue across Goodyear Factory, he had an idea of buying it. Carl went to Bank of America to borrow $311 putting his car as collateral for the loan and persuaded his wife to give him $15. Carl said that “I’m in business for myself now. He didn’t want to lose his job at the bakery so he hired two men to work at the stand. Himself would be working at the bakery. He first had one food cart, as the days went, he had four fast food carts, by the end of 1944. A restaurant across the street from the Heinz farm went on sale, Carl had the idea of buying it, when he bought the restaurant he quit his job at the Armstrong Bakery and started to fix the up the restaurant, and for a few weeks spent his time on how to cook. Then as time passed it started to get better and bigger. The Fast Food Nation grew really fast, McDonald’s built the assembly line, then the drive-through came along and when all these inventions came out every fast food restaurants started to use it too. McDonald wasn’t the only fast food restaurant there was Dominos, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and etc, but from all these fast food restaurants Mcdonalds was the top fast food restaurant. Fast Food Industry didn’t only get big in the United States, but also fast food restaurant Mcdonalds signed a contract with Disney for 10 years. As the years passed it started to expand to Europe.When kids and their parents enter any fast food restaurant they don’t know what process all these fast food experience. The french fries that this children and their parents eat are all frozen, in one day million pounds of fries were produced. J.R Simplot was a man who would sell potatoes, not to long ago he partnered with a man. These two men had an idea of buying an expensive machine that can separated potatoes. There work together didn’t last too long, Simplot and his partner didn’t know who would keep the machine so they flipped a coin, Simplot won. After a while, Simplot started to separate potatoes, for other farmers cut them and freeze them, and then he would sell them. When McDonald’s had an idea of buying the potatoes from him, Simplot started to become rich. On the other hand, the meat industry was even worse. The meat that is between two breads comes from a place where there is poverty, homelessness, drug abuse, and sexual abuse, but the company that produces these meats is the nation’s biggest meatpacking company. That’s not the only situation the most dangerous job out there is the cutting of the meats. This position is one of the dangerous positions out there because when these meats are being cut they are cut by knives. The working conditions at the slaughterhouse are extremely dangerous. The injury of teenage workers in the United States is about twice higher than adult workers. That’s not the only dangerous job that the meat industry offers. The second job is the cleaning team that uses lots of chemicals to kill all the bacteria.
In the United States of America, about 200,000 people become ill a day of a disease named foodborne, 900 people are hospitalized, and even worse 14 people die. Something scare is that where your food is prepared there is rats, cockroaches, inside of the fast food restaurants. When your meat is at the slaughterhouse and it is being packed it is being shoveled. The employer who shovels the meat doesn’t care what’s inside of the meat. There might be a dead rat or a living rat, maybe a different animal, or even millions of bacteria. The objective of the Author here is to tell us this present reality out there about the Fast Food Industry. The Author wants us to spread the truth about the Fast Food Industry. In conclusion, a universal lesson from this book is these Fast Food Restaurants hid these secrets that not everyone knew too much, and which affected many people’s lives the lesson from here hiding a secret doesn’t help everyone it always affects the person opposite of you.
Telling the truth would always help you and the person opposite of you. Always be the person you are and tell the truth, even if it will help your life.
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All- American Meal is one of the best books I ever read. It gives you life lessons, and what is behind the Fast Food Industry. If I read another book about something unique it would about the secrets that the world is hiding from us. In conclusion, while reading the book I didn’t see anything that was missing. Why I think there was nothing missing because everything that was included in the book as in every detail.

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