Drug Regulatory Affairs Impact on Public Health

Published: 2021-09-15 12:20:08
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Drug regulatory affairs impact on public health

Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies follow the rules they try to make good quality of drugs. For this reason the number of poor quality drugs and substandard drugs are decrease in the market.
Pervious history says that we had some miserable tragic history like Thalidomide tragedy in which 5000 to 7000 infant were born with malformation of limbs. But today we do not have face like that kind of history. Now the number of human death is decreased because DRA is sincere and done their job with full responsibility.
For strict rules and regulation company cannot broadcast any illegal drug related ads.
For production of high quality of drugs and also taking or consume qualityful drug without any fear of toxic effect. So pharmaceutical company now gain people trust.
For fixation of low drug price all stages of people can afford drugs and relief from their pain.
Now companies produced qualityful medical device (like Glucometer, Blood pressure machine). So patient get better service and DRA ensure this.
For enormous number of production of drugs people get essential drugs all the time at any place.
For strict regulation of DRA, retailer import good quality of raw and packaging material.
For use of high quality raw material it is possible to manufacture qualityful drug and export it to the foreign countries and creating good image to the worldwide.
OTC and narcotic drugs are now under supervision of authorized physician and healthcare center. So now these kinds of drugs are not available to the corrupt people.
For DRA supervision drugs are not robbed from the government hospital and store.

Drug regulatory affair is creating significant impact to the public health by working all of its action properly and fully. But it is said that its goal is not completed yet. Its journey is just beginning and progressing day by day but still not end. It will work for people’s safety and good health until to the end.

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