Effect of Positive Or Negative Self-concept on Learning and Behavior

Published: 2021-09-15 02:00:09
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In the second paragraph, Maslow’s hierarchy of need is about the human needs is a motivational theory of in physiology. He explained it in five stages model, the first is one is the Physiological Need: which includes the most important need of human to survive such as, food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep and more. According to him they are the first required or can say the primary need of every human, if a human is satisfied with these needs, then he tries to chase the secondary needs. Safety Needs: are the second needs by Maslow’s, where he explains, after completion of first need, the second needs comes of protection from elements such as cold, heat, rain, then comes security, law and orders, freedom from fear, as all know every individual wants, to live a life which is safe and free, and most of the people are happy in just small needs, and according to Maslow’s it was the best suitable need of hierarchy.
The third need is of Love and Belongings need: which includes involvement of social needs as well as feeling of belongingness, such as friends, we make them wherever we go for our fun, love and happiness, families are the most important part of love, because parents and siblings are the only one to whom you can trust and get love from them or give love to them, as they also help in every circumstance in the way of money, clothing, food and also take care. In workplace people make friends and good relations with coworkers to get some help and to help them, where people get good atmosphere to work. The fourth needs is Esteem Need: this need is classified in two categories, the first for self-esteem such as dignity, achievement, mastery or independence, this self-esteem is notify as our own principles , power, achievements in some fields or tasks and not depend on other for money, food shelter. These kind of people live by their own, by working and managing all their cost, without taking anyone’s help. Whereas, other self-esteem describes about building a person’s reputation and respect, such as showing about hard work and status of them. All the four stages of need is called deficiency needs which is also called deprivation of need, where people are motivated for when they are unmet to their needs. If they are satisfied with their needs their motivational level will decrease and they will no longer chase for growth needs. The fifth part explains about Self-Actualization need: this need include the realization of personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth, where this stage comes in being growth need, in which as the needs of a person is met on time to time, they are been more starving for new needs and also their motivation increase regarding the work or an achievement. In overall conclusion by Maslow, he shows us the importance of self-Actualization more than other four stages of needs.Lastly, Adler’s theory which is “striving for perfection” which shows how human born with sense of inferiority from others. According to Adler, children sense of inferiority are usually weaker than human adults. Furthermore, the earliest step of “striving for perfection” is when children usually dream of becoming an adult. For example, children dreamt of being a strong adult that can protect their family from threat, mastering some tasks where they are lacking in perfection. However, some children may not overcome on their fulfillment of dreams and during those phase children may feel discouraged from their surroundings and they could not master. To illustrate, children that given up on some games or studies that are very hard to learn and master. This happened because some children may develop an “inferiority complex” which will become overwhelming over time. These children may grow up being shy, timid, insecure, indecisive, cowardly, etc. Because they are unable to meet their needs in life. After time goes by, these children often to grow up as people who are passive-aggressive and manipulative. They often grow up this way because they are lack of confidence, support from others, etc. These adults usually have very low self-esteem, confident. Another type of children on the first step may develop a “sense of superiority”.
Which usually will become “bully” because they feel that they are not feeling any sense of inferiority. Not only that, some children who developed “sense of superiority” may also become the people who are craving for attention, drugs users, excitement of doing criminals activity, and being prejudiced to a certain gender or race. Moreover, personality types that were identified by Adler are ruling type, leaning type, avoiding type, and socially useful type. The first type is the ruling type: ruling type of people are usually those who are aggressive, dominant, possession of energy that would overwhelms that gets in their way. The energy they possessed may harm themselves from the inside and turn them to become alcoholics, drug addicts, and those commit suicide. However, these people are not usually bullies and sadists. The second type is the leaning type: Leaning type are usually very sensitive and lack of energy. These people usually protect themselves from strangers or even relying others to survive through life’s challenges. They are also usually have phobias, anxieties, obsession and compulsion, general anxiety, etc. The third type is the avoiding type: this type is the one that has very low energy compare to other types. Because the energy is very low, they are trying to conserve that energy only for themselves and within. These people usually develop mental disorders because of losing sight of the reality. The last type is the socially useful type: in this stage people are confident, healthy minded, and have a little sense of inferiority, possessed social interest, and energy. These people usually able to gives out energy to others but not being consumed by sense of inferiority. According to Adler inferiority is the first step of how kids are going to grow up. If they have succeeded to overcome their inferiority they may become someone who feel themselves superior or healthy individual. All in all, after the first step of inferior that is how someone’s personality is shaped.

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