El Patron: a Main Character in House of the Scorpion

Published: 2021-09-11 03:20:08
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The Novel The House of the Scorpion takes place far into the future, although they do not mention the time of the story you can probably guess its time period by details throughout the book like: hoverboards going through the sky, the cloning of people inside of cows, and a futuristic society with mind controlled people and animals called eejits with cameras everywhere.The purpose of the book is to show that crime does not pay since one the main characters has clones of himself and treats them like animals to extend his life. This works in this society since the powerful man El Patron can use the organs of his clones to live longer. He also takes good care of his clones sometimes for selfish reasons and he already is above one hundred and eighty years old.
Many characters throughout the story were controlled by El Patron even though they weren’t clones and others were affected but not controlled as much as others.The purpose of the story that I think that the author is trying to show is that crime does not pay. This can be seen throughout the story, Mainly when El Patron’s clone Matt is mistreated. Matt is kept in a room filled with litter and all the garbage and waste is just under it, many critters like mice and bugs made their home in the litter as well. This does not last long however, he is removed from this place and treated like a king for being El Patron’s clone. He probably was treated like this because he would come in useful for his organs later. Matt was very lucky to be El Patron’s clone because those clones that are not of his are injected with something that kills them when they turn fourteen. Matt figured this out when he was in a hospital and heard loud scream and his bodyguard told him to ignore it but he resisted and saw another clone in its last moments. During all of this matt has a friend named Maria and someone who takes care of him named Celia, after finding out about Matt being a clone and looking at the clone getting strapped Celia explained to Matt why he is safe but Maria avoided him for a long time in shock.Later into the book El Patron asked Matt for his heart, and his caretaker Celia refused to give it up and explained to El Patron he doesn’t need it. El Patron was pronounced dead because of a heart attack. El Patron’s caretakers decided there was no use for Matt anymore and he should just be killed. Matt has so many near death experiences that you might think the author is really repetitive and the same person saves him multiple times as well.Tam lin, El patron’s bodyguard pretends like he will kill him but he helps him escape across a border without letting El Patron’s other men find out. Celia who is matt’s caretaker is pretending to be an eejit and will be kept safe for as long as possible. Matt escapes and makes new friends and plans on going back and taking everything that belongs to him with them. I believe that the author was successful at showing that crime does not pay since, El Patron dies unexpectedly because Matt doesn’t give up his heart and leaves all of his riches behind but Matt escapes and is free.

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