Employee Motivation and Rewards Interculturally

Published: 2021-09-12 14:25:11
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When it comes to motivating employees in companies, managers, administrators and the HR department are the people who are assigned with that task. This motivation is supposed to help with recruitment, leading, and controlling all the parts that are factored into their success. There are many different cultures in organizations that can play a major role in motivating employees. When working in an organization different ethnicities, genders, and generations need to be taken into consideration, as they will be representing the company. In this report there will be recommendations on how the employee rewards system is structured among different cultural groups that can determine the factors of motivation. Some examples of those factors are job security, professional development, job performance, setting goals, recognizing employees, and compensation.
Diversity in the Workplace
Within a workplace, there are many different ethnicities that enable people to be individuals. Unfortunately, there can also be discrimination towards these individuals; allowing for there to be segregation in the workplace and for people to have pre-conceived opinions form thus causing the environment to be uncomfortable. This also allows for there to be fear of another’s race, gender, upbringing etc. When views change, an individual’s basic needs could possibly have changed, thus allowing them to identify with other people. There needs to be a way for employers to develop the ability to be more aware, more knowledgeable, and to educate employees on how to accept the differences that everyone has, this all needs to be done in order to establish a diversity training. Organizations can try hiring different ethnic groups that will integrate the organizations practice and goals.In a structural setting the word “Motivation” can be used to help describe the drive that impulses the working ability that an individual has. A motivated person is one who wants to work and understands that as an employee or employer motivation can help determine strengths and weakness characteristics. Motivation starts with understanding the behavior or drive that aimed towards the goal or incentives.
Basic Motivation Concepts
In order to motivate your team the mangers have to start understanding what will motives them and how to prevent resenting working for the job. Maslow’s Hierarchy theory suggest that the contributions for identifying five basic fundamental needs are physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization.
Below is a chart that explain Maslow’s Theory as a pyramid
Each of the strategies that are required are basic needs evolving developing an individual’s personal and professional career. Maslow’s also suggest that once a person’s needs are satisfied and then moves on to the next thing. We want to identify the motivational drivers that will measure the interpretation for understanding human behavior. There are levels that will allow an understanding for the different elements. Mangers are urged to have requirements that includes the satisfactions and dissatisfaction associated with fundamental factors that are stabilizing the organization.
Motivation Factors
Job Security -Job security is a way that individuals choose to keep their job; job security is a person with the job would have a small chance of becoming unemployed. It is up to the human resource team to ensure the organizations does not cause havoc due to lack of job security. The human resource department identifies factors through layoffs, retention bonuses, and salary to be a major part in existing in the organization for an individual’s future. Managers are given the materials that state the policies that are in place to allow an individual knowledge on how to avoid being laid off. The salary is a good incentive but on top of the salary is the retention bonus, which can be described as a thank you for your work and will appreciate a future with the organization. When an employee receives a bonus it allow them to feel appreciated and more likely to remain loyal to the organization. The salary has to reflect performance, education, or life experiences that individuals is earned while working.
Professional Development-As a manager it is your job to coach and develop their personal skills and abilities that are required to achieve goals. In order to implement a way that is going to help ensure professional success and development plan has to be created. In order for the plan to work the HR department and managers have to hire individuals who have interest in furthering there career. The HR department/manager has evaluations that allow the employee to see their development but a PDP will help them achieve personal goals that help them at work. As the individual grows they will find either accomplishments or areas of improvement for their future with organization. The PDP should always change because as each task is accomplished they are able to feel a since of belonging and success of the organization. The important thing to remember is to always as a manger encourage the development of your employees always being invested in protecting there craft and remain passionate.
Job Performance- Job performance plays an important role in determining the reward for a performance done in an article “Person organization job fit can be a reasonable predictor of job performance because individuals with high person-job fit had found to have positive work outcome (Edwards, 1991)”. The HR department/manager review all aspects of task that are oriented requirements. This can happen by having an internal evaluation system in place that will help make the successful. When the evaluation is reviewed the first time there needs to be a feeling of accomplishment so they are encouraged throw doing their job according to the performance measurement. A performance measurement is an ongoing system that is used to report on pre-established goals. The evaluations are typically done systematically examining the organizations objective and context for the individual organizational performance. The outcome shows the extent to which the individual is understanding to produce the outcomes. . Below is an example of how an evaluation form can look like.
Goal Setting- Goal setting is a thought process that allows an individual to think about what is an ideal vision for future reality goals. The process helps to determine where and individual what to be in life. When setting a career to goal the individual has to know what level what to reach and what needs to be done to achieve the goal. I have used the SMART reminder that will allow you to choose goals that will be useful in life. There are short term and long term goals short term usually address the next 3-6 months and a long term in a 5 year plan. An example would be to write out and to do list and determine what is realistically and what will take time and addition resources to reach the goal. If an individual sets unrealistic goal then they are denying their own desires and ambitions.

S – Specific (or Significant).
M – Measurable (or Meaningful).
A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented).
R – Relevant (or Rewarding).
T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

Employee recognition- Employee recognition is considered to be an important development due to employee’s effort that is put in to creating a reliable vision. A simple example can be a company sending out ways to show acknowledgment for an employees accomplishments in completing a ST or LT goal.
Compensation-There different components that allow the system to create a better structure. Typically compensation is money or an awarded given to some as a compensation for working, loss or suffering. Compensation is used to manage and retain qualified employees, while increasing the moral satisfaction. The compensation place will benefit the internal and external equality. Employees are measured on a system that is utilized to be components in the compensation system. The components is the job description, job analysis, job evaluation, pay structure and policies and regulations that maintain internal and external process for equality. There can be many different versions of compensation that include:

Base Pay
Overtime Pay
Stock Purchase options
Allowance (Housing/Travel)

Benefits that can include

Medical ( Medical Leave)
Vacation time

There are structures created that are implemented from the first day of interaction with the HR/Manager for understanding of how to comply with the strategies that are in place to allow internal/ external techniques, skills and communication to be up to the standards of the organization. To ensure that the techniques supports the needs the motivation should include fair pay, safe working environment, and education advancement, leaving room to build a solid foundation for encouraging development and motivation. In order for any of the techniques to work the organizations should hire self-motivated individuals that are able to determine how to monomer through SDT as you relate it to Maslow theory to rely on nourishment from the environment in order for it to function in the present, future and learn from the past. .

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