Ethical Standard of the Pharmacist to Uphold the Professional Competence

Published: 2021-09-15 07:35:10
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I’m writing my post about the ethical standard of the Pharmacist to uphold the professional competence. Basically what this means is that the pharmacist needs to know all they can know about new medications, new devices, and new technologies that are ever changing in the medical field and what that does to medications, or devices that the pharmacy would need to be able to provide to it’s customers.
With that being said, it’s extremely important to know about the advances and what type reactions could happen with a new medication. A lot of older customers who already take a lot of medications, always ask for a consult with a pharmacist because sometimes at the time they don’t think about asking the doctor or prescribing physician what kind of side effects or reactions a medication can have on their body, or with other medications. So since consults are only carried out by the Pharmacist, it’s greatly important to keep up to date with these things. Granted most the time, you can Google information to find out more about a drug interaction, but again, some of the older generation aren’t very technology savvy and so that’s hard for them. This ethic standard of competence is also key when someone has recently been diagnosed diabetic and they are required to get a glucose meter and test strips. There are so many on the market and they do so many different things that sometimes you need to have a better understanding of what you are using and sometimes a doctor will prescribe one that is way to “smart” for the operator. I, myself, have had a few and I prefer the ones that transfer my results to my phone via Bluetooth simply because it’s easier to pull the log up and show to the physician rather than remembering to write down my meter readings. Someone who is a bite older and doesn’t understand this advancement may prefer a basic model, so that they can write down their readings.Without having this ethic standard of professional competence, I feel as though some pharmacist and pharmacies would probably go out of business. If you aren’t competent in what you are doing or what you are telling a customer then that causes issues not only for you as the pharmacist, but for your staff, who has to greet these customers, and for the customer. Then, you are being known as the pharmacist who isn’t knowledgeable or competent in what you are advising customers and a lot of business will transfer to another place to someone who is competent.

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