Evaluation of the Impact of Public Transport Advancements to the Environs

Published: 2021-08-30 12:50:09
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The environment has come to be a very sensitive topic between people, and especially politicians in about the last decade because of the ignorant ways humans lead their day to day lives. Humans are the cause of many environmental destructions as far as air and other pollution is concerned. The need for a clean and healthy environment is at an all-time high, although that seems like something that should always be a priority and it is frankly terrifying that it needs to be pointed out at all, because it has been taken for granted for so many decades. Modern transportation selfishly deteriorates the environment for example global warming, and the destruction in man-made ecosystems, and natural ecosystems.
Modern transportation, while very convenient for traveling long distances and expanding nations has been harming the environment since they day it was invented. Not counting the immense death toll that is transportation related, it is a fact that harm is being done to the environment because of transportation and it is a fact that even with the resources to partially reduce the harm people ignore the negative and only look towards the advantage so of things that make their lives easier. “On-road transportation has the greatest negative effect on climate, especially in the short term. This is primarily because of two factors unique to on-road transportation: (1) nearly exclusive use of petroleum fuels, the combustion of which results in high levels of the principal warming gases (carbon dioxide, ozone, and black carbon); and (2) minimal emissions of sulfates, aerosols, and organic carbon from on-road transportation sources to counterbalance warming with cooling effects (Gordon).” Harmful gases released from cars and other forms of transportation pollute earth at alarming rates. “There are large numbers of old, poorly-maintained, and obsolete vehicles operating on Indian roads. This results in a stupendous quantity of pollutants released into the atmosphere in gaseous and particulate forms running into lacs of tons annually (Satyaramchander).” The air breathed every day is full of poisonous gases with minimal effort put in to solve the catastrophic problem at bay. “Transportation is responsible for nearly one of every three tons of greenhouse gas emissions but represents less than one of every twelve tons of projected emission reductions (Gordon).”Man-made ecosystems are suffering severally from modern uses of transportation largely from the huge boom in U.S. fracking, which is the technique used to extract oil from miles under the Earth’s surface in order to power many things but specifically cars, buses, and planes. Fracking is making its way not so gradually into rural areas and disrupting normal day activities for several people around the country. “In New York State, the fracking area is dangerously close to the water supply, and the possibility of contamination is very real (Sarrocco).” It is a popular belief that, although fracking in the U.S. has largely benefited the country’s economic stance with oil instead of purchasing oil from other countries like Saudi Arabia, it is on the verge of changing how day to day operations go for thousands of families extremely negatively. “…a gravity-driven water system to bring water to the downstate area….enables eight million residents, thousands of commuters, and hundreds of tourists to turn the tap and drink potable water from miles away. Without this, there would be no New York City (Sarrocco).” Not only are uses of transportation infecting our air, and water but they are a leading cause of death involving accidents. “Road transportation is responsible for a large share of local and global air pollution, and it is associated with other problems such as congestion and accidents (Schmutzler).” The likelihood that man kind will not only finally acknowledge the problems at hand due to man made transportation, especially on road transportation let alone do something about it actively is slim to none. People become too comfortable with patterns. There is enough of a fight going on right now to get people to actually accept and respect each other let alone teaching the entire world to care about where they live.
Natural ecosystems are the life lines to all health including but not limiting to Plants, Animals, and People. Road transportation has caused extreme damage to several natural ecosystems. “…negative impacts of transportation on environment can be listed as degradation of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, increased threat of global climate change, degradation of water resources, noise and habitat loss and fragmentation (Hande).” The reason it is so important that people, plants, and animals all have these ecosystems in working and good conditions is self-explanatory based on their names alone, for example air quality… because every living thing depends on clean air to breathe. Not only are the fumes from cars, and trucks etc.… causing air pollution but the loss of habitat for animals and plants is rising because of highway systems being built and roads being paved. Along with roads being built there are also the increase in air transportation meaning that air ports are being built to make traveling more convenient for people. “transportation infrastructures include a harbor, an airport and two main highways connecting Asia to Europe. Parallel to the development of the transportation infrastructure in the region after 1990s, the land-use characteristics of the region had drastically changed in an unorganized manner. According to the population counting’s of State Statistical Institute in 1990, the number of inhabitants living at the region was 652.927. Within the period of ten years, according to the statistics of 2000, number of inhabitants within the region was counted as 1,096,447. The yearly population increases for some provinces were stated as follows; Tuzla: 2.48%, Kartal: 3.99%, Pendik: 6.62% (Hande).”
The problem with modern transportation is simply that there are large benefits to the top of the food chain… people. It is too easy for people to ignore the fact that animals are being pushed farther and farther into almost captivity because roadway and air ports and train stations/tracks are surrounding everything. The convenience of these things make people blind to the disadvantages not only that people are doing to themselves, but that they are doing to everything around them. Even I did not realize how much I take for granted being able to fly out of the state to visit family, or fill my car up with gas, or even just have a car at all, because for my whole life these things have been available to me. The advantages to these things like obviously not having to walk everywhere are too great for anyone to ever be able to convince everyone to stop doing what they are doing, even if it was made aware to everyone what was happening, and even if everyone agreed something needed to be done stopping the use of modern transportation would never make it as a viable option to try to enforce.

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