Examining Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Published: 2021-09-22 22:25:10
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The Hierarchy of Needs
Abraham Maslow developed the Hierarchy of Needs. This hierarchy includes five intimate needs that are called the instinctoid needs, meaning that they are instinctual and hereditary. The needs are ranked from strongest to weakest, in which the lower ranking ones need to be satisfied first before the higher needs are satisfied. There are five needs: the need for self-actualization; esteem needs (self and others); belongingness and love needs; safety needs like security, order, and stability; and physiological needs, things that the body needs in order to survive (Schultz & Schultz). The higher needs are called growth needs while the lower needs are deficit needs. The deficit needs are vital for human survival; these needs need to be fulfilled in order to live efficiently with no deficiencies. But, the needs do not have to be fulfilled in order to move over to a higher need because it is possible to fulfill a higher need before a lower one.
Physiological needs are required in order to survive and to be healthy. You need food, water, air, sleep, etc., in order to live a healthy life. If you do not satisfy those needs it can lead to pain and even death if taken too long to fulfill them. But if those needs are met, then that means that we can pay attention to the other needs we might need to fulfill.Security and living a stable life are needed to fulfill the safety needs. They allow an individual to live a life free from anxiety. Safety needs are typically needed for children and neurotic adults because they need to live a more structured life. Children want to feel safe and secure in their lives because they are young and do not realize what life entails.
The next need is the need for love and belongingness. People, in general, want to feel wanted and to have people to experience life with, like friends or a companion. There are ways to fulfill this need, and a person can do that by joining a club or going online and chatting with people through social media. There are many ways a person can satisfy this need.
Esteem needs are needed in order to feel important in life. People want to be respected. It is important for people to have a confidence in their selves so that they can keep going. If a person has low self-esteem, then that means that they will feel like giving up and feel unworthy.
The highest need is the self-actualization need. Even though all needs are not met, this need could still come into play because an individual might want to be better and succeed even more in life. People will want to reach their full potential and help other people through their beliefs.
The need that I am currently in is the safety need. I want to have more order and live a more stable life. Taking classes is what I am doing in order to get a job so that I can have a more stable job in order to live a more secure life with fewer worries. And I am still living with my parents, so they are the ones that are providing me with those benefits, like a home, as of now, but I am still not at that point where I am ready to live on my own. I am still trying to figure that out right now. I hope I can fulfill this need eventually because I think it is important to feel safe without living life with fear. I think fear is what is keeping me from trying new things.

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