Factors One Need to Remember When Choosing Support

Published: 2021-09-15 02:25:11
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Social anxiety is a really weakening thing to be suffering from. It may impact every area of your life, even down to the most simple of daily tasks like going shopping or walking in a public place. The internet is filled with lots of social anxiety support. There are forums, blogs, message boards, and chat rooms to name a few. There are a few important factors you need to remember when choosing support.
First off, everyone at some point needs support, whether they are a world-famous sports star or a homeless person on the street. Realizing this is very important. A lot of people feel uncomfortable asking for support or looking for it in others, and feeling uncomfortable in an already bad situation isn’t going to help you.There are many various avenues you can look to when deciding which form of social anxiety support is best for you. Make sure you explore all your options. When I used to suffer from social anxiety I often found that seeking reassurance from people I knew in an online setting was best as it made me feel the most comfortable. Other times I needed face to face confrontation to push me past my comfort zone and to see things in a different light.
If you are getting support from someone make sure it’s the right kind of support. Make sure they are the kind of person who can give you a push to go on either when things are bad or you just need to improve. Too often I see well-meaning people giving support in a form that doesn’t cause someone to move forward, to push their boundaries, or to see things in a new light. This kind of support can keep you really stuck, or in the worst case, it can cause you to regress.
You are your own biggest source of support. If you are aligned with your goals for getting over social anxiety you will find it so much easier. When I used to support myself overcoming social anxiety I really enjoyed giving myself “pep talks”. I would envision myself with lots of charisma walking out into a crowd of strangers and instantly making friends which really helped. Sometimes when things are going very badly this is hard to do, but you must keep on, the more you do it the better you’ll become.
Social anxiety support is just one part of a much larger whole when it comes to getting over social anxiety, but master it and you will have much greater success. Support is everywhere, go out and find it. Make sure you investigate various options so that as you change you can change your method of support too. There’s nothing worse than being close to getting over social anxiety and yet trying to support yourself with a method that you’ve used right from day one, it is a reminder of where you used to be, not where you want to be.

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