Featured Skills and Endorsements. Recommendations, and Interests

Published: 2021-09-12 18:15:12
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Hi there, you’ve done a wonderful job so far on your LinkedIn profile. These sections do not require much typing, except when you are giving a recommendation. But setting the typing side aside for a moment, let’s take a deeper look into how these elements that can support the narrative built so far. In every story, the transition from one section to another is vital, for if the story is incoherent, readers (in this case) tend to get lost and subsequently disconnect from the narrative. So as every section worked on so far, these sections which mark the latter part of your profile is vital as the rest, to shape an interesting representation of who you are to whosoever reads your profile. Let’s look at each of these three sections, with this mindset.
Featured Skills and Endorsements Hammered on from the inception of this class is the need to utilize keywords that are industry-specific to describe who you are. This section is no exception. For your skills, it is vital that you select keyword-specific skills that showcase your abilities and talents as a professional. Before we talk about endorsements, it is important to keep in mind that your overall profile to an extent influences the kinds of connections you have. And even though you add endorsements that are exchangeable, you might get certain endorsements which are not applicable to you.Which might not be helpful. So getting your story straight with industry-specific keywords is helpful for you and other members, especially when they intend to recommend you. And keep in mind that endorsements could be in your current field and/or to your new field. Examples are public speaking, team building, and communication. Recommendations It is important to properly state your experience and education as discussed in Module 4. As these sections largely influence your recommendations. Appropriately stating your experiences and education makes it easy for you to connect with classmates, supervisors, co-workers and customers which is a solid way you could use to address gaps in your work experience. Another option to consider in securing recommendations is to write recommendations for others. If you are considering this option, it is important you look through your profile and creatively type out something that enables the other person stands out. Here is a sample of a recommendation for a person I would name XYZ who is a course creator. I just wrapped up the … course created by XYZ, and it was really insightful.
Each lesson conveys his passion for imparting knowledge and helping others start up their own blog. His courses and articles are clear and succinct. I’d without reservations recommend his blog (www.XYZblog.com) and courses for both newbies and experts. Interest Like the epilogue of a great tale that leaves readers wanting more, it is important to identify interests that would keep people within your target audience interested in knowing more about you. Although you may be no Stephen King or Maeve Binchy, you could still conclude in a way that piques the interests of your readers. Here is a simple tip for this section: “Don’t overthink this, but be as specific as possible.” If what you come up with are scattered all over the place, you do not need to worry. Well, that brings us to the end of this module.

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