Ferrari Cars: a Historic Overview

Published: 2021-09-11 09:45:08
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History of Ferrari
Ferrari has produced many cars over the years. All have been fast and luxurious. Ferrari has also been holding races called Scuderia Ferrari since the 1930s in Italy. The founder, Mr. Enzo Ferrari, has made this company prosperous. It has come a long way from a small factory.
In the beginning, Mr. Enzo did not work for Ferrari. He worked for Alfa Romeo, from 1920 to 1929. He wanted his own car company so he left Alfa and founded Scuderia Ferrari (Scuderia means “Stable” in this case it is used as “Racing Stable.”). He built his first car for Alfa Romeo in 1937 for their races. It was named Alfa Romeo 158 Grand Prix Racer. Enzo went through tough times. His son Dino died of muscular dystrophy at age 24. Enzo died himself at a high age of 90 in 1988.Enzo showed great dedication. He loved his job. He loved everything about cars and racing them. Like Enzo himself said: “I’ve never really been on a trip, never really been on holiday in my entire life; for me the best holidays are the ones I spend in my workshop when most of the mechanics have gone. That’s the time I can really concentrate on systems, modifications and so on, which are then a pleasant surprise to all of them when they come back.” (Karpati 349) showed how much he enjoyed working with cars.
The company had to move during WWII. They moved to Maranello, Italy, where it still remains today. It was just a small factory at the time. Size didn’t matter to them. They began to work.
Over the years many new things happened. Luigi Chinetti, imported Ferraris to the U.S. They also won their first victory. Production increased from 80 to 300 in 1960. Part of the company was sold to Fiat. Since Mr. Enzo died they needed a new president. In 1991, Luca di Montezemolo took over the company and replaced Enzo’s spot. Ferrari also developed a symbol of their company. Freedom was their symbol.
Ferrari itself was structured well. They made their center goal to make their cars perfect as possible. They really cared about what they were making. Aesthetics was very important to them. They wanted to make the cars appealing to the eye. Their cars were to make all the components internal and make the external more better looking.
The new leader of the company was just as good as Enzo. Luca had the same inspiration. He brought amazing results to the company. He really brought everybody together. He grew the company up and made it into what it is today. Luca said: “Enzo Ferrari taught me two great lessons: always look ahead and never give up. As president I have never forgotten them, and have tried not to lose sight of the spirit or the lesson. We sell a dream, not a car or a means of transport. A dream that has many characteristic elements – design, aesthetics, technology, passion, driving excitement, and that certain something that can’t be described but that you can only feel at the wheel of a Ferrari.” (Karpati 350)
Ferrari has created many cars since they began. The first car under Ferrari trademark was the 125 S. There were certain times for Ferraris. A popular one was the time of the 250 Testa Rosa. Some of the cars were named after people. The Dino 246 was named after Enzo’s son and had a V6 Model. Other more awaited cars were introduced at car shows. At the Turin Motor Show, Ferrari introduced the Berlinetta Boxer. It had a flat-12 engine. Some cars were made in the thousands. Aside from all the cars Ferrari has made, the Testarossa (Not the same as the Test Rosa) was the most iconic Ferrari ever created. Enzo had certain cars that he loved. The F40 was his dream convertible. When years went by, they made special anniversary cars. The 40th anniversary car had a carbon- fiber body, giant wing, and Kevlar panels. To honor Mr. Enzo in the best way for all his dedication and joy for the company, they built a car dedicated to him. It was named Ferrari Enzo, a 230 mph super car. Anyone who has the opportunity to purchase a Ferrari, is enrolled in a club. There have been 110 different models made.
Ferrari does not just make luxury cars. They also make F1 cars (Formula 1 or race cars). They exceed speeds of 230 mph. They are much different than normal cars you see everyday on the road. They are smaller and easier to move. They have many special features such as: low-slung, open wheeled, single seat, mid-engine, air foils, electronic aids, special suspensions, and larger tires. These cars are not just made by Ferrari. They are made by other major automobile creators. These creators include Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Toyota. Ferrari believes that every car they have made has a Formula 1 soul.
Ferrari is well-known for their races. They built their own test circuit called Fiorano. It was built in 1972. Enzo’s life was all about racing cars. Scuderia Ferrari is their team and they also host Grand Prix races. Scuderia is their racing stable.
Grand Prix races is something Ferrari always participates in. They race national teams from all over the world. The races are circuit races so they go around in a circle. Many famous drivers race from around the world. They were mostly held in Europe but now they are held around the globe.
Ferrari has grown massively over the years. The have truly prospered into a productive company. It all started from one man. They faced challenges but they came out and had amazing results. All of their workers have engineered many cars. They all have been beautifully designed and built with passion. Enzo wanted to race cars so they participated in many races. They also founded their own races and team called Scuderia Ferrari. The company has great dedication and strives for the best. They care about the design of their cars and want them to look the best they can be. Determination is a key goal in their minds and that has helped them become what they are today, Ferrari.

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