Food that Our Body Needs Everyday

Published: 2021-09-29 11:05:10
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Every human body carries a different types of function apparatus and divergent metabolism. Human body is delineate in a definite way, and our body paramount needs food for it to function. We all eat every day but it is also a very important component to know, what to eat, how to eat and when to eat, this is probably the most frequent problems that we don’t eat , what our body needs . We don’t give adequate vitamins and proteins that our body needs. We preferably eat whatever is being served in our food plate.
When not to eat?
This the most quotidian, sad and gloomy mistake that we all do is. We don’t drink water when our body actually needs. We feed our self instead of water. When our body feels dehydrated we think that probably “I am hungry!” but NO your body needs lots of water at that point. So try to drink water as much as you can. You’ll also lose weight by drinking a good amount of water. Don’t eat after 8-9pm. You might say that eating late at night gives you good sleep but it also gives you gas and indigestion problems. Late night food automatically going to be stored as a fat.Morning
Your Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day, try to eat your fullest in the morning because eating more in the morning is going to help you not to having cravings through-out the day.

Early morning herbal teas,
Ginger, honey, lemon, black pepper, black cumin, mint, tulsi, cloves, turmeric.
Fruits (it provides instant nutrition by intake of fruits, bananas are great source of protein).

This is the time you should get carbohydrates and protein that could give you more energy through -out the day.
Lunch: Indian meal is the perfect mixture of all the vitamins we need. But what you can do is eat jowar (jawar-roti) instead of wheat Roti. Because jowar is high in calcium, fiber also it is a gluten free. Otherwise Daal, desi ghee, malai, salads, cottage cheese are good to take in lunch.
Never avoid your home cooked food, try to carry a lunch box with you at your work place or collage. Also home cooked snacks are the healthiest as compared to outsides.
Night is the time when human body doesn’t want heavy meal. Light meal can you release & soothing hormones that can help you sleep better. Taking your night mean early that means your body has an enough time to digest the food and you can have at-least 4 hours of gap between your meal and sleep.

Glass of milk
Milk shakes
Frozen fruits
Cottage cheese
Greek yogurt etc.

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