Football is not for Africa

Published: 2021-09-10 16:45:08
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African is endowed with a lot of talents. We have talented players who have performed excellently well both in local and international tournaments. We have the likes of George Weah, Mohamed Salah,
Yaya Toure, Michael Essien, Drogba and other world’s footballers.There’s no doubt that some Africans players are doing well in their various clubs but when we take a critical look at the African football we will see that a lot of things are still wrong with it.
It’s time to answer the million dollar question, is football for Africa? The anwer is NO, and I’ll explain why
1. Poor selection of players
In the African continent, players are not really selected on merit but by affiliation. This means that bribery and corruption are the the bane of African leagues. Those connect to top politicians easily find their way to the National team unlike those who know nobody. Sometimes, a coach is not allowed to select his own players but the ones they recommended to him. This is not a thing that happens in other developed countries
2. Age falsification
Age falsification is what nearly every player is guilty of. Some players can reduce 10 years from their age so that they can play football for a long time. International tournaments, take for example, under 18 world Cup, you see a platform who is obviously up to 30 claiming 18 years. This is one of the things running African football
3. Poor Officiating
When it comes to poor and biased officiating, let’s give it up for the African continent. In local leagues, it’s very easy to bribe the referee and win a match. In some cases, African referees are physically assaulted by fans for poor officiating.
4. Poor funding/management
Africans are still lagging behind when it comes to proper funding. Corruption and late salaries in African leagues are regular stories. Sometimes you see players protesting before their salaries are paid. Improper funding and poor management

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