Freemark Abbey Winery at St. Helena, California

Published: 2021-08-30 23:50:10
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William Jaeger a member of partnership owned Freemark Abbey Winery, situated at St. Helena, California produced premium wines from the best grapes varieties. 25,000 cases of wines were bottled each year. He was in the dilemma whether should he harvest the Riesling grapes immediately or not since there were chances that rainstorm would hit and his business might be affected .In that case he had alternatives and he had to decide which one to adopt according to the one which gives maximum profit. Proper balance of sugar and acidity is required to harvest good quality grapes. If the storm strikes, it would lead to development of botrytis , which gives very good concentration and if botrytis did not form it would lead to swelling of berries which would result in thin wine for only 2$ per bottle, which is about 0.85$ lesser than Jaeger could obtain by harvesting not quite ripe grapes . If he did not harvest the grapes in anticipation of the storm and it didn’t strike, it will leave the grapes ripen more fully.
The owner is in dilemma that to harvest before rains or not, if it rained then formation of botrytis would be profitable and if botrytis aren’t formed concentration would decrease due to berries swelling. Another option was to not harvest the grapes immediately, anticipate that the storm will strike and if it does not strike then the grapes will be left to ripe fully which is profitable. Though less favourable weather might increase the sugar levels, will also increase profit. If inferior wine was bottled and the standards weren’t met then they can sell the wine in bulk or grapes directly which might give half revenue but save the image of the winery. The wholesale price for a botrytis Riesling would be $8 per bottle, unfortunately the same process resulted in increased sugar level and thus 30% reduction in total juiceThe main objective is to maintain the standard of the wine since the winery has its reputation in making premium wines and thus not put the company’s name on stake. To select the best alternative available as to harvest grapes or not due to unknown weather conditions which will affect the quality of grapes. In past sugar levels sometimes failed to increase over 19% thus along with sugar level also monitor the acidity level , thus maintaining the balance between sugar and acidity level which is required for better quality wines and also make sure that the produce is profitable .

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