French Polynesia is a Must-see Place

Published: 2021-09-03 21:30:08
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Located in the middle of the Pacific, French Polynesia is a place where countless paradisiacal scenarios to relax and have fun. It has known how to take advantage of tourism so that its natural environment is very well preserved and allows you to enjoy various activities, whether underwater, lost in the jungle or on the heights of a hill. Oh and how to forget it, rest on white sand beaches, watching the jade water while you drink fruit juices. Without a doubt, you should visit the dock since that’s where a lot of the festivals and other activities take place.
This island is not one of the busiest destinations and that is an advantage. Thanks to the fact that they do not practice mass tourism, a large part of their natural charm is preserved. Its inhabitants know what they have and have opposed the construction of hotel complexes on the beach. Here you can climb up high rocky ridges and then go down to its lagoon, which is shallow and jade colored. An activity that is an obligation to perform is to cross the “Step of the baby sharks”, a trip to the Motu Auira islet that when the tide is low allows you to walk with water up to your waist, watching the fins of the little sharks among the coral.Papeete
It is the capital of French Polynesia and is located on its largest island, Tahiti. It is a city with a lot of history, the victim of natural and human tragedies but that has overcome the adversities and still stands. It was home to noted artists such as Paul Gauguin, of whom there is a museum also on the island. If you want to surf in style it’s your place, being considered one of the best places for it to the point where a film about this sport called “Bruce Brown the Endless Summer” was filmed here.
Leeward Islands
This one for sure it deserves a section since in itself the archipelago is interesting and has islands and locations that are not mentioned in this article. For example on the island of Raiatea grows a unique flower in the world known as the gardenia with five petals. Thus, each island has its history and particularities since they were once a political and religious center of high importance. You cannot really know French Polynesia without taking a tour of these atolls and islands full of culture and tradition. So what are you waiting for there is lot more than you expect at this magnificent place!
There are many places to dive in French Polynesia but Rangiroa is considered one of the best and with good reason. Because it has a somewhat secluded but still accessible lagoon, it is practically a natural aquarium where you can see an incredible amount of marine flora and fauna. Underwater currents transport you, being an adrenaline experience on the one hand and contemplative on the other as there are many fish and corals. You can also swim with the snorkel or do amnesia without hiring any guide or service, just take your stuff and do it.

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