Future Hero: How Ai Changes World in Coming Times

Published: 2021-09-15 07:20:10
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AI is a technology that will definitely take us to the future. In this paper, we tell how it works and what cool applications it has found. Artificial intelligence is designed to model human activity which is considered to be intellectual. Traditionally it was believed that creativity is inherent only in people. But the creation of artificial intelligence has changed the usual order of things that robots can do by own. For example: A robot that simply mechanically sticks wood is not endowed with ai. The robot who himself learned to chop wood like human possesses ai. If the program just pulls the values from the database according to certain rules it is not endowed with ai. If the system after the training creates programs methods and documents solving certain tasks it has ai. How to create an Artificial Intelligence system ? In a global sense, you need to simulate a model of human thinking. But in fact, it is necessary to create a black box, a system that in response to a set of input values produced output values that would look like human results.
Artificial intelligence systems are created to solve a specific class of tasks, for example text or voice assistants are popular that will answer your questions or be able to support the conversation. Just say: hi siri and artificial intelligence is at your service. The basis of ai learning are imagination, perception and memory. To create an artificial intelligence, the first thing you need to do is to develop functions that realize the perception of information. So that you can feed the data to the system. Then the functions that realize the ability to learn.So that the system could somewhere to add the information that it will receive in the learning process. After this, the functions of the imagination are created. They can simulate situations using the available data and add new information data and rules to the memory. Training is inductive and deductive. In the inductive variant the system is given pairs of input and output data questions and answers and so the system can find the links between the data and in the future. So these patterns find the output data on the input. It is transferred to the system as a knowledge base, so as there are not only data sets here but also ready-made rules that help you find a solution by condition. In modern systems of artificial intelligence both approaches are used. In addition, usually systems are already trained but to continue the learning process of work, this is done to ensure that the program at the start showed a decent level of abilities. But in the future it got even better. For example, take into account that your wishes and preferences changes in the situation etc. In the artificial intelligence system, you can even set the probability of unpredictability.This will make it more like a person. Why artificial intelligence defeats man ? First of all, because he has a lower probability of error.Artificial intelligence has an absolute memory.
It can not inadvertently ignore factors and dependencies – every action of AI has a clear justification.
AI does not hesitate, but evaluates the probability and leans in favor of the larger. Therefore, it can justify each step.
And AI does not have emotions. Hence, they do not influence decision-making.
Artificial intelligence does not stop at evaluating the results of the current step, but thinks it forward several steps.
And he has enough resources to consider all possible options for the development of events. Some Cool Applications of Artificial Intelligence AI is to formulate the problem correctly and to provide it with initial data. In addition, ai can make unexpected conclusions and look for patterns where there seems to be none. Today, the answer to any question is “Watson”, a super computer developed by david ferucci. Watson is the name of IBM president that can understand questions in the natural language and search for answers to them its database. Watson unites 90 IBM p750 servers, each of 4 eight-core processor architecture power7. The total amount of system memory exceeds 15 TB. In 2014, Watson is involved in the diagnosis of cancer. Face Detection In the iphone x face recognition is developed using neural networks, a variant of the ai system. Neural network algorithms are implemented at the level A11 bionic processor due to which it effectively works with machine learning technologies. It perform up to 60 billion operations per second which is enough to analyze up to 40 thousand key points on the face and provide an extremely accurate identification of the owner in a split second. Creating pictures Creativity, previously available only to man, is open to AI. A new AI from Microsoft can draw pictures according to their text description. For example, if you ask the AI to draw a “yellow bird with black wings and a short beak,” you get something like this: Writes Music AI can write music in a few seconds. Amper has developed a team of professional musicians and technology experts.
They note that AI is designed to help people advance the creative process. Amper independently created chord structures and instrumentals in the track break free. people only slightly corrected the style and overall rhythm. Creating texts Writers and journalists soon can also replace ai. For example: the dewey system fed the books of the gutenberg project library then added scientific texts from google scholar ranking them by popularity and titles and sales on amazon.But this is only the beginning… Medicine Artificial intelligence is widely used to support decision-making in medicine. But as to you such example: the Chinese intellectual robot Xiaoyi (“Xiao I”) for the first time passed the examination for a doctor and got a license for medical activity. Developing the company, iFlytek finds and analyzes information about the patient. It is assumed that Xiaoyi will assist doctors to improve the quality of their work. The robot will focus on antitumor therapy, as well as on the training of general practitioners, which in rural. Another interesting solution is the Wave Clinical Platform from ExcelMedical. The system monitors the patient’s vital signs and warns doctors every six hours before his eventual sudden death. The platform systematically analyzes information and calculates the risks of an unfavorable outcome. Imitation of man Robots, endowed with artificial intelligence, are already imitate human mimicry.
For example, Facebook AI lab developed an intelligent animated bot and trained it on hundreds of Skype video call records. The algorithm tracked 68 key points on the human face. It understood how people nod, blink and reproduce other movements when communicating with interlocutors. Then the bot was able to respond in real time to the information that the interlocutor informed him, or his facial expressions. What will the imitation of robots with AI people lead to? Futurists believe that one day they will become full members of society. Let me ask you in return, how do you know that you are human? Will AI replace us with you? Artificial intelligence surpasses a person in solving problems that involve the analysis of large data, clear logic and the need to memorize large volumes of information. But in creative competitions a person still wins from AI. Perhaps, because the perception of creativity is subjective. Of course, AI changes our world and finds new applications. Our task is to use it for good, to develop rules for regulating AI systems and to transfer to systems the experience accumulated over the millennia of human existence.

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