A Piece of Advice for Living Room Repair

Published: 2021-09-13 21:00:08
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With the arrival of summer temperatures rise and we enjoy more hours of light flooding every corner of the house. This makes it appealing to give a touch of freshness to our home and make some changes that give us that feeling of having changed airs. Take note of these ideas so that your house fills with color and happiness, at least, until the next change of season.
Incorporates some piece of furniture or cane object
The natural fibers reflect the essence of summer and will be essential in the decoration of your living room. Try a chair, a side table, a magazine rack or a mirror with the frame of this material. You only need a simple detail so that your salon transports you mentally to a house in the middle of nature with a view to the sea.Make room for plants
Plants are the best way to bring color and a touch of life to the interior of your home. By themselves they promote the freshness and naturalness of any room, and give a touch of joy to your room, so you can not miss it. Look for original and colorful pots that give the last summer touch to your plants.
Look for light fabrics
Fill your home with light with fresh and breathable fabrics, and get rid of those that are heavy and reduce clarity to your living room. It also looks for clear fabrics that provide a sense of freshness, since the dark ones attract heat and we look for precisely the opposite. To achieve this, it has flax, the fabric of summer par excellence.
It’s the time of prints
They can not be absent when it comes to a summer-inspired decoration. Choose for your cushions, tablecloths, prints, etc., floral prints that bring joy and ease to your living room. And if you dare to do it, try the tropical print: pineapples, palm trees, flamingos … it is undoubtedly the star print of summer. You can use it on textiles, decorative elements and even wallpaper. If you have a dining room, fill it with color. Make the meals inside your house transport you to the outside, to the barbecues and to the picnics with friends. To achieve this, it is essential that the menu accompanies, but above all, we can bring the summer to our table with dishes and plates of bright and cheerful colors. Reserve for another time the white plates and the transparent glass cups, because it is the moment of intense colors that fill you with vitality just by sitting at the table. Combine strong colors with cutlery or wooden placemats to add a natural touch to your meals.
Add marine-inspired accessories
The key is in the color. Look for those decorative objects with a range of blue or green tones, so that they evoke the sea. Navy blue is undoubtedly a classic that brings a lot of style, while a lighter blue gives you a more luminous and relaxed environment. In the range of greens, turquoise will give you an exotic touch that is very alive and refreshing. As for the objects, think about what the sea evokes: shells, straw baskets, conches, paintings.

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