Google: a Brief Overview of the Latest Adwords Updates

Published: 2021-09-14 01:10:10
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In the world where one click separates you from going famous, you could not underestimate the value of well-established marketing strategies. There’s no lack of tools allowing you to pass the message to the clients and win their hearts, or better say clicks. But definitely, there are the ones that deserve your attention the most — and we are talking about Google AdWords. Such heavyweights as Google or Facebook are the trendsetters and keep an eye on their activities is a must for every business.
2018 has already surprised us with a bunch of crucial updates — Facebook changes in the feed algorithms, ads in the stories, Instagram hashtag following, Snap redesign, LinkedIn groups refresh, and many more. The question is what is the Google’s secret plan for Google AdWords this year? You’ll get the answer a few lines below but first, let’s focus on what has just changed recently:Collaboration is a key. Now, you can use notes to record and share details about your account performance with other team members. It comes in handy when you are working with the clients and have to explain, e.g. how a campaign is performing, mark some changes, make a reminder, etc.
Analyze more. The ultimate goal of every marker is to get to know that the ads work or if they don’t, then why. With AdWords add-on for Google Sheets, it became much faster to create, analyze and share the results. The integration allows you to add custom filters and columns with the most important metrics, refresh your reports on a regular basis — there’s no need to create the one from scratch. Moreover, you can share the results with other users while keeping the access to the AdWords account closed.
Edit with ease. AdWords editor has got a few new features too. Take for example search term reporting. Now, everyone can quickly add new keywords from the report or add them to the list with the negative ones. Among the other useful features are freezable columns that finally put an end to the unstoppable scrolling via all the columns. To get more updates, you can always access the Google Help Center.
Those are significant but minor changes as for Google. Especially, when every brand on a market tries to beat the competition and draw users attention by any means possible. But a great shift in Google AdWords history awaits us just in a couple of days, on 24th of July, to be exact.
Google is planning to roll out an advanced platform called Google Ads along with the other tools such as Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform. Google Ads will preserve the features of Google AdWords but also will be upgraded with the new functionality helping businesses reach their customers across different devices and channels with higher accuracy and efficiency.
The AI is a big thing now. So, Google will be moving further in that direction — more intelligent solution, improved ads suggestions, better performance, more accurate analytics. The examples are Smart Ads and Campaigns that will help the advertisers create ads in minutes. The user just sets a goal or a few ones and Google takes care of the rest. You can even automate the process of testing images with Image Picker, as Google will choose the best performer and will keep in displayed. It’s an essential change for everyone, in particular, for the small and middle businesses that have scarce time and people resources for the marketing activities.
Well, at the moment, we can enjoy using old AdWords for the last couple of days and wait for a truly new experience of creating ads with a brand new platform.

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