Graduating: a Day to Remember

Published: 2021-09-29 14:35:11
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Life happens to all of us. There can be the good, the bad, and the in between. There are a significant number of major events that can happen in one’s life. These events can have little to no effect on a person’s life or have a big impact on his or her life changing it forever. For me that major event was graduation.
Throughout life people go through things whether they are wonderful or terrible something good will always come from the of the most talked about events that high schoolers look forward to can be pretty scary. For a majority of teenagers graduating from high school is a goal because where I went to school at more than half of the senior class was not on track to graduate, so they just wanted to make it out of high school. I already knew that I was going to graduate so it was more of an accomplishment to me because it opened up many opportunities for me to succeed. Graduaution is the end of high school and the beginning of a new life. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I woke up as I have done on any other Saturday, but this particular day was was a bright Saturday morning, hot and sunny. The alarm sounded, and I hopped out of bed and did my morning routine: brushed my teeth, washed my face, got dressed, and take my braids out to put my hair in an afro, and all the other rituals that I usually do, I did I was at the nail shop getting my eyelashes and eyebrows done, it hit me that I was about to graduate. When the time came closer to graduation, I became more nervous.The time has known come and I have arrived at the Georgia congress conventional center. we are lining up getting ready to walk across the stage ,and I become nervous .suddenly my heart starts beating fast and I feel they approach my name I become anxious .the moment that I have been waiting for my entire life is finally here, I am about to walk across the this moment a lot of things are racing though my head such as, what if they miss pronounce my middle name, what if I trip and fall walking across the stage in front of all these my counselor calls my name I put my worries to the side ,because this was my big day and I was not going to let any of my fears take over.
After I walked across the stage I felt relieved. As I was sitting in my chair waiting for the ceremony to end I started reminiscing about my journey in high school how it came to an end so quickly .I was just a freshman in high school trying to figure out how to be successful and succeed, and now I am a freshman in college navigating my way through life. High school was I humbling experience for me. In the four years that I attended high school I made mistakes that I was able to learn from. That learning experience has helped me mature, and look at life in a new prospective. This is the ending of a chapter in my life and the start of a new one.
In this chapter of my life I am a college freshman attending Albany State University pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree in health and human performance .I am excited for college life ,but I am also nervous because this is a different environment than what I am use to. I no longer stay with my mother or have her right by my side. I know that college is going to have main fear is that I will fail one of my classes and not be successful , because my high school did not prepare me for the real world or college. We hardly ever received homework, and when we did they didn’t take it up. They really didn’t let us be independent, they held our hands all four years. The only classes that I can say prepared me for the real world and college were my precalculus class, my chemistry class, and my healthcare class. These classes are the only classes that held you accountable, and prepared me for my college courses.
Graduating also impacted my life by giving me the opportunity to make something of myself, and help me become a successful person in life.

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