Gravity Rush Remastered Review

Published: 2021-09-13 18:40:09
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Gravity Rush Remastered, originally developed for PS Vita and ported to PS4 is a third-person action game, with heavy platformer influence. As a player you take control over a Gravitor named Kat, who lost her memories. After a heavy landing in some shady back alley of the fictional city Hekesville, the player (and the heroine) get to know an extraordinary black cat named “Dusty”. Which seems to be the source of powers for the player’s character. After some minutes of plot exposition in the form of a comic strip (every dialogue in game is handled like that), the game gives us a few moments to gather our bearings and look around. It is not long until we meet a distressed father, who apparently knows who we, or at least is aware of Kat’s powers.
The source of his distress is a massive gravitational storm which is pulling his house along with his son. Now comes the moment to learn how to control the gravity, and boy it’s fun. The first steps are bit hard, like for a baby who is just learning to walk. Kat learns how to nullify her weight and levitate. Then, we learn how to fling ourselves to other direction, upon hitting flat surface, the local gravity of our heroine gets adjusted to said flat surface so we can jump and fight without falling down. Such unlimited power would be too much of course, so the game offers a mana bar of sorts which depletes with each action we take.After squeezing everything out of our otic capsule and special awareness, we’re rewarded with father and son ungratefulness for not being able to save their home, fortunately, we suffer no repercussions from that. Aside from the pair showing up now and then, as people we can dialog with. But Gravity Rush not only offers great spacial puzzles, but also fighting system, Kat has legs for days, and surely knows how to use them against the unknown monsters dubbed “Navi”.
Her arsenal consists mostly of kicks, gravity assisted kicks and throwing clutter at her enemies and super powers like gravity drill. Monsters do vary in size and strategy needed to defeat them, some of them are wearing calcium-like armor which needs to be destroyed to reveal their weak points, some of them are very agile, so no fight is exactly the same.
By collecting precious stones, player can upgrade Kat’s abilities, which in turn brings fond memories of oldschool platformers. Said stones are also used to power various amenities in the city, such as fountains, bridges, telebims etc. Every powered device offers a challenge afterwards, be it time-attack race or arena fight with the Navi.
The plot thickens when Kat notices another Gravitor, just like herself and decides to get back her lost memories, to that end she visits a psychic who sends her on wild chase full of metaphors to end with meeting a person who claims to be creator of this world and needs your help with reclaiming parts of the city that were lost in the gravity storms.
Will Kat get her memory back? Where do Navi come from? What is the nature of Dusty? Those and many more questions about beautiful and interesting world of Gravity Rush will be answered on your playthrough. If you don’t already own this beautiful game, make sure to check our our cheap deals for it!

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