Greed, Obsession, and Psychological Disorder as the Main Causes of Committing a Murder

Published: 2021-09-14 13:35:10
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Category: Mental Health, Violence

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Murder is when one attempts to kill with the intention to inflict harm upon another while devaluing the life of human. It is an unlawful act categorized under criminal offenses that require penalty as the perpetrator is culpable for his or her action. Murder not only cause someone to lose their life but also traumatize the co-victims — anyone in relation to the victim — who tormented from the repercussion of the incident. Murder is caused by three factors: greed, obsession, and psychological disorder.
Firstly, greed makes a person feel needy and driven to achieve whatever they desire, even if it leads to the means to kill. Excessive greed in one could steer them to develop selfish attitudes without concerning on others. According to “Meaning and Nature of Crime” poverty causes people to live in a way where even the basic physiological needs are not being granted; thus, the seduction of a higher standard of living and earning quick buck impose people the intention to commit crime like murder for beneficial purposes. Greed and poverty are somewhat interrelated because higher rate of murder is engaged in a poor economic situation and when people are used to committing murder, they tend to do it out of greed for more to fulfill their unceasing hunger for power and status. Holzman-Escareno (n.d.) states that in order to obtain a luxurious lifestyle without possessing requisite talents, people resort to murder as they think it might be the easiest way for instant wealth. Greed can pollute one’s rationality, making them avoiding the down-to-earth way to acquire earnings through merits. This can result in indifferent towards the victim’s feelings when people are engaged in killing. In short, a murder occurs due to one’s excessive greediness in power, material gains, and status.Another cause of murder is the extreme obsession one possesses that can result in negative consequences. The elements of obsession range from envy to drug-use in which are unhealthy practices. Clanton claims that instead of wishful desires, envy is the secret delight when one watches on their opponent to take a fall. When one inhibits this bad trait, they will engross themselves in negativity, subsequently immersing themselves in deeper trouble. Besides, drug abuse increases the likelihood of crime commitment under the influence of the drug. Drug addiction can cause unstable consciousness that drives them to do whatever it takes to obtain more drugs, even if the act itself is heinous. Therefore, blinding obsession makes take a toll on people’s ordinary lifestyle.
Furthermore, the struggles with internal conflict may foster undesirable aftermath. Mental issues have an influential impact on the society at large. It can cause major harm like unintentional murder upon triggering the limit of these people if they are not treated for their mental health. Most of them suffered from psychological disorders in which they display ranges of psychotic tendencies without realization of their instabilities where they could lash out on impulse or unknowingly based on the situation. Neurotic delinquent happens with the concept of a split personality —of which vexing factors push one to inadvertent obligation— where it is derided by tradition belief. While some murders are pre-planned and deliberated beforehand, there are also people who are capable of murdering on the spot outrageously. To sum it up, the battle of confusion within the inner self will steer people to dangerous waters if it is not resolved effectively.
In conclusion, the greed for money, excessive obsession towards a person or an object and struggles with internal confusion will definitely affect the murder crime in one way or another. People’s greed will push them to do anything in order to obtain an easy lifestyle without hard work. Blindly obsessed with things can cloud one’s good judgment as they are only focused on attaining what they desire without thinking twice about the consequence. Mental confusion will induce self-deception of reality and therefore, the sense of loss will agitate people into doing things they could never comprehend.

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