Hate Crimes in the United States

Published: 2021-09-15 07:20:10
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Category: Discrimination, Violence

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Calming soul with meditation blooms a brighter future. Calming people and not wanting to kill people will help. Only 25% of the inmates meditate; we should hire it more than 50%. One hour of meditation Tuesday and Friday will help the hate crimes, twice a day for 20 minutes.That will help with the crimes. For example, Mindfulness is simply a state, a “moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience,” as psychology writer Oliver Burkeman has phrased it in The Guardian; meditation is just the tool you use to reach that state. Mind is a tool that is given to everyone and should live the same.The people who are n When they are doing meditation they could think about that black are just a same humans as whites. For example, “There was no contradiction in the bold claim made by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” if Africans were not really people. (Michelle Alexander 26) Another example, “The fact that some African Americans have experienced great success in recent years does not mean that something akin to a racial caste system no longer exists.” (Michelle Alexander 21) Blacks are humans and they can do anything.
Spreading your culture rises to the top of the mountain. Learning that you are the best will achieve anything. Accepting anything in your path will lead to greatness. There are many cultures in the world and learning them is important. We should study a new culture every month to learn. Learning more about culture will and life of destiny. This will help put your shoes in to others shoes. For example, “On May 19th, a mob of several hundred brought her to Folsom Bridge which separates Brooks and Lowndes counties in Georgia. The mob tied her ankles, hung her upside down from a tree, doused her in gasoline and motor oil and set her on fire. Turner was still alive when a member of the mob split her abdomen open with a knife and her unborn child fell on the ground. The baby was was stomped and crushed as it fell to the ground. Turner’s body was riddled with hundreds of bullets.” There are also lesson to solution. Second chance could make dream come true. That means that give them more than one try to live. They might do something amazing in their life but might not do great things. There is a saying do not cover. Pictures do not matter what is inside of the book matter or people’s heart. People’s soul and death is a tragedy.

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