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Published: 2021-09-01 22:45:14
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To consume only healthy culinary foods and your dishes benefit your health more, it is important to know these 50 culinary secrets. By The Side Walk recommends you to keep them if you want to have a healthier diet? Use the oil in spray. To use the exact amount you need to prepare a fried dish, use the special spray that can now be obtained in almost any supermarket. If you do not have this item at hand, you can use a silicone brush to spread with oil. Fry in broth, not in oil. Another way to make a healthier dish is to fry in a broth. A few tablespoons of broth are enough. Although it also has grease, its content is less than oil. Instead of mayonnaise use natural yogurt. Forget about the mayonnaise of the store. It has too many flavor enhancers and preservatives. Prepare mayonnaise or any other sauce at home based on natural yogurt. Include sesame seeds in your diet. Sesame seeds are a very rich source of calcium. Add them in your vegetable salads and other dishes. In the first place, they are very healthy; second, they look attractive and appetizing. Bake your dishes.
If you want to follow the best traditions of a healthy diet, forget about frying your stews. Baking is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. Prepare the ground meat on your own. The meat that is used in stores to prepare ground meat is often too fat or not so fresh. That’s why it’s worth spending a little more time and energy to prepare the homemade ground beef and enjoy a truly delicious dinner. Look for alternatives to replace white bread. Traditionally ground meat to prepare meatballs or meat pancakes is added ground white bread. But there are other options with low calorie content that will replace the ground bread and will make your dishes as good, as the egg white beaten or the zucchini grated very finely. Experiment with your breaded. Flour and bread crumbs are not all options for preparing a breadcrumb. Try using sesame seeds, crushed nuts, chickpeas or ground lentils and oats. It is very delicious and healthy. Reduce salt consumption Try to reduce the amount of salt you consume. An influence negatively in the body, for example, causes the body to retain liquids and excessive consumption causes different diseases. Add salt to the food when it is already served on a plate. Nutritionists say that salt that has not been subjected to a heat treatment is much healthier for the body. That’s why you can safely add salt to your dish when it’s already served. Replace the iodized salt with sea salt. Sea salt, unlike iodized salt, does not only consist of sodium chloride, it also contains other minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine and other nutrients. Therefore, it is better to replace common salt with the navy. Prepare the vegetables in boiling water. If you want to prepare cooked vegetables, it is better to add them to water that are already boiling. This will preserve more nutritional qualities and vitamins. Prepare the vegetables steamed. Preparing steamed vegetables is the best alternative. It is very simple and the vegetables will be healthy. Nowadays in the stores you can get utensils and special pots that simplify to the maximum the preparation of the vegetables. Freeze the broth. Prepare a broth and freeze it in ice cube molds. Add a few to the dish you’re preparing to intensify its flavor. Also, remember that it is a good alternative to replace the oil. Do not forget the spices. Spices can transform the most insipid dish in the world. They are also very healthy. Choose the spices that you like, add them to your favorite dishes and strengthen your immune system. Appreciate the benefits of nuts. You can safely add the ground nuts to vegetable and meat dishes. They combine perfectly with food of this type.
In addition, nuts are rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are precisely “healthy fats”. Low-fat cheese is healthy and tasty. Do not you know how to make a more nutritious vegetable salad? Add a reduced-fat cheese (for example, feta) to the list of ingredients. The salad will be more delicious and healthy. Add fresh herbs to your dishes. Fresh herbs are a valuable source of vitamins and antioxidants. If possible, add the finely chopped herbs to your food. This will make any dish more interesting and healthy. Combine wheat flour with other types of flour. Baked goods and cakes can be prepared in a slightly healthier way. Instead of wheat flour use other healthier types. The taste of your muffins and cakes will be more delicious. Learn to bake with whole meal flour. Whole wheat flour is much healthier than finer wheat flour. Learn some recipes and try to cook with this type of flour. It’s a bit unusual, but it’s worth a try. Replace the butter with a fruit puree. Do you like to spoil your family with homemade delicious baked goods? Substitute a part of the butter with the fruit puree. So your cakes and rolls will be much healthier. Preferably use applesauce or pumpkin. Try to consume less sugar. Sugar is the main enemy of your figure and your health. If possible, try to minimize the use of this product. For example, in cooking you can use some nuts as an alternative. Use vegetable oil instead of butter. Choose the healthiest options, for example, almond or coconut oil. Both have a delicate and smooth flavor and are perfect for baking. Get a multipurpose pot. Consider very seriously buying a multi-purpose cooker. Modern pots allow you to cook using a minimal amount of oil. In addition, you can adjust the temperature, which means that you reduce the risk of the formation of carcinogenic agents.

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