Airbnb Hotel Industry’s Countermeasures

Published: 2021-09-15 11:45:09
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Enhancing Technology
Hotels are moving away from fragmented, analog communication to a single portal that is centrally stored and allows understanding of the entire guest journey. Unifying all communication will give them a complete view of guest requests and staff service. Concurrently, hotels are also creating a mobile app and enhancing their brand website by loading high quality images, videos and ample property information, services, surroundings and local attractions.
Rating System
Hotels are working towards a simple feedback system on their website to facilitate easy tracking and prompt response. This will enable hotels get scoring by specific areas while guests will appreciate the convenience of finding information in one area.Being Authentic
Hotels’ design has been a result of their brand standards offering a sense of consistency. Customer demand in recent years has shifted towards authentic local connections resulting in some hotels changing their designs to provide this connection. Eg the Indigo hotel katong in Singapore is designed with peranakan interiors to pay homage to its neighbourhood.
Selling Industry Benefits
Hotels are beginning to market their positives over Airbnb such as security, 24 hours service, high cleanliness standards. They also engage local authorities and work within regulations
Venturing into Airbnb Space
As Accor acquired Onefinestay and Marriott’s Edition brand is focused on creating local experiences, hotels are learning from Airbnb and adopting their model to quickly learn from the best practices
From the above study and SWOT, it is clear that hotels will not let Airbnb easily eat into their business and are taking countermeasures to offshore its impact. Airbnb also faces competition from online platforms with similar operations. For this research to be complete it is essential to study the impact of these platforms on Airbnb for which the “Porter’s Five forces” theory is being applied. The focus will be online portals as hotels have been extensively covered. It is inevitable that some areas will overlap with SWOT analysis.

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