Hotel Management System Drawbacks and Requirements

Published: 2021-09-11 20:55:08
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Any technology developed is not 100% error free, there’s always some of the other drawback to it.
Hotel management system is an increasing demand in the society, but it comes with its own drawback and here are some problems:
Wrong inserted dates.
Wrong inserted number of rooms.
Providing Wrong room type.
Double booking.

Wrong inserted dates:
Sometimes reservation made by holidaymakers online has incorrect dates mistakenly booked. No matter whether you book rooms via an app like MMT or on the hotel’s own website, normally users enter a check in- check out date but sometimes because of lack of concentration they don’t even look the month or the week on the calendar.
Sometimes hotel website doesn’t specify about the nights off thing i.e. booking after 12am.
Wrong inserted number of rooms:
Most hotels will ask you what number of rooms you need, however some are not as clear you think, and on the off chance that you are not watchful you may think it is the quantity of visitors and book 2 rooms rather than 1. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you are a gathering surprisingly more terrible – 8 rooms rather than 4!
Providing wrong room type:
Some hotel doesn’t provide the exact information regarding rooms; they sometimes erroneously allotted a visitor to a non-smoking room when they requested smoking. Or then, they again booked a visitor who is allergic to fur animals on a pet-accommodating floor. Off base information can put an incredible measure of weight on both your customers and the director.
Double booking:
A bad dream situation for any hotels is the two room’s reservation or unable to handle the reservation is an intense yet now and then unavoidable piece of the activity. An all-around prepared staff will probably avoid booking mistakes, however from time to time, one may make this mistake. So what do you do when a visitor shows up and you don’t have a room accessible for them?
Requirements specifications
a) Strong Data Validation:
There is probability that client may enter wrong information and it can make irregularity of the database and henceforth to the framework. To maintain a strategic distance from this, information has to be approved at whatever point entered.
b) Automatic refreshing of the database:
After any exchange is performed, it is important that the refreshing has to be reflected in the database with no irregularity.
c) Provide productivity questioning in view of client demands:
The real design is to create valid reports on any client demand. This will be completed by using SQL database i.e. by queries, it process the given queries and progressively at run time depending upon the client.
Although this task has been embraced to fulfil the necessities of hotels, it can be worked with enough adaptability to such an extent that it can be utilized by a wide hotel management.
In its customer/server form, the measure of data sent to the customer should be limited.
The UI of the framework does not need to enable a client to enter and adjust data of the hotel (number of rooms, room depictions, and so forth.). In any case, there should exist a basic means by which the lodging can be portrayed.
Information of customers and their reservations must be continuous.
User friendly interface:
The interface must be developed in such a way that it is very easy to use; this not only improves the interaction but also saves time of data entry.
Create well-designed modules to capture data:
Forms to capture data must be well designed using drop-down menus and drag-and-drop structures that reduce the effort of data entry by the user.

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