How a Summer Internship Can Teach You so Many Things

Published: 2021-09-04 05:30:10
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Understanding of professional profile
In the selection process of the internship, I was told that I will be assigned a certain number of write ups to do, along with the understanding of data basis and other tasks that would be assigned. During my course of internship, the major responsibility that was assigned to me was writing articles for the website that were relevant to the field of working. The web portal Desimartini dealt with the entertainment beat.
So, all my work basically centered on different context that could be covered under entertainment. Content writing for any field requires strong knowledge of it, so that our work has a solid base to it and our viewers find it informative and productive for them to spend their time reading our article. This makes research an important part of the profession while writing a story or article or any news. Research not only gives a strong foundation but also provides authenticity, credibility and surety to the work so that the reader knows that we know what we are writing about. Along with writing as a major task of the day, other responsibilities were also assigned to the interns. Working for the Socials, which are important parts of the web portal, was also a part of internship. I also inserted English subtitles to the Friday Flicks video on YouTube channel of Desimartini. Writing Facebook copy, audience reaction and searching for relevant twitter comments from verified accounts of famous people to use in the twitter reaction section of the video, were also worked upon by me during the internship. During the internship, I was a part of the editorial team for the entertainment web forum so I got a basic understanding on how an editorial department works.Organizational profile Desimartini is an entertainment website under Hindustan Times. It has all the content related to movies and celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telegu, etc. The website contains movie pages, celebrity pages, martini shots, television shows news and articles and much more that makes it a full package. Reviews, rating, trivias, events, etc., all are covered by the team of people who are assigned different tasks to work on for the web portal. There are different teams that work for the web portal like the editorial team, marketing and promotional team. Since I worked with the editorial team, I observed how an editorial team works. A morning meeting as the day starts to bring in the ideas for the day for the content to be uploaded that day. Each member of the department reports to the head of the content head and discuss various ideas that get approved, modified or rejected by the head. Desimartini has an English writing team and a Hindi writing team.
The videos for the website, YouTube Facebook or any other social sites are assigned to the video team who take care of the scripting, studio booking, camera handling and finally editing the raw video. The members of the team are assigned different days for their video. Any breaking news or event or the latest trend is taken up by the member who is either done with article for their current slot or one who is willing to do it, after discussing the idea with the content head. Some members of the team are assigned to look after the Socials and manage different social networking handles. Interviews, teaser reactions, trailer reactions, vox-pop, FB live, etc., all need to be handled. Real-time traffic, number of followers, number of subscribers, everything is kept on check. The time slots for uploading the articles are divided so that one story does not shadow the other. Articles, news, videos, photo galleries are regularly uploaded to maintain the recency of site and enhance the progress of the forum.
Key learnings
The summer internship in a Hindustan Times media house gave me a great learning into how an industry works and the roles and responsibilities that are assigned to different members with a team. As I worked along the editorial team of the web portal Desimartini, I got an understanding into how the web portal works and most importantly the things to keep in mind while writing an article or a story to be uploaded on the web portal like making the work discoverable with the use of key words, giving a unique and striking title so that it gain the attention of the viewers and they go through it.
The text needs to be search engine oriented as this makes it easier for the article to be searched and also increases the reach. The content needs to be organised in way that the reader is stuck to it till the very last. Looking at what’s trending in the field of entertainment, how people are reacting to it and how I can work on it to make a great storyline. I learned a little about how a video script is prepared, how it is shot, the Chroma screen, and how the footages are arranged together to make the final copy to be uploaded on the YouTube. I understood the importance of time as a web portal works on real-time competition. The latest news, major events or any special coverage has to upload on right time to target the right group of audience. The most important thing is to give details and relevant examples within the article as that way out audience finds us more reliable. I learned how to insert hyperlinks in the article to piece relevant information together, use of tagging, sourcing the images used to give credits to the original work, researching in detail and giving clear facts for credibility.
Working with the team of professionals helped me understand different context apart from writing articles like editing, making photo gallery, introducing YouTube links within the article. Reviewing and rating the movies was another task performed by me under Desimartini. I even got learn how to write and input subtitles in a YouTube video. I got a basic understanding of the business profile of different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, etc. Scope and methodology A web portal consists of different members that work together to uplift the site and work to enhance the development and growth of it. Content writers, editors, graphic designers, video editors, programme operators and technicians, etc., all work in their way in making the site more efficient. Different departments like editorial, marketing, promotional, IT, etc. all co-operate for the success of the web portal. Everyone today believes in getting the news the fasted and being updated every minute and that is, somehow, made possible by the web department. This also gives a scope to the media aspirants to put their knowledge to work in the different fields of media using web as a medium. Web department engages people worldwide and also opens up various horizons of work available to pursue. The advertising industries, freelancers, young journalists, all find a way into digitalised world that one is focused on today.
The report is based on the Summer Internship at Hindustan Times for Desimartini which is an entertainment beat web portal. For the various articles written during the course of the internship were based on research from various sources, Google trends and Desimartini’s sources of information. Researching is the most important step when one writes a story for both authenticity and credibility. As the main duty provided to me was to write articles for the website so I was introduced to the system on how to submit my article online and how the backend works from where the story is enabled to the website. For Desimartini, the article is first submitted to the individual’s Desimartini profile where the article is uploaded, relevant picture are inserted within the article giving them the source if taken from others, a cover picture and thumbnail image is taken and relevant tags are attached. A brief summary and a good title are given to the article. After submission, the article, after necessary editing like picture resolution, proof reading and hyperlinking, etc., is enabled from the backend where the articles are stored after submitting. The Socials work a differently depending on the platform and type of work.
The summer internship gave me an in-depth knowledge of the practical work that is carried out in an industry. The working of the organisation, different roles and functions carried out within a department and how one works to meet the deadlines on time is something I observed during the internship. Having a deep and thorough knowledge of the field that you pursue is very important as this makes your work rich in quality and makes it more effective and worth looking forward to. While working, I explored a lot of dimensions in entertainment that I was not previously aware of.
The summer internship has been the most productive time period for me as I got to learn a lot on how an industry works and of course, the real-time competition one faces every minute. It also taught me how to socialise as that is a very important aspect when one works in the field of media. Organising and formulating the work is another essential role along with exploring the functioning of the system. Long working hours become less tiring when you get acquainted with what interests you. Interaction with the professionals in the field helps you to enhance your knowledge of work and also build a good base for the future.

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