The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Transforming Education

Published: 2021-09-10 13:55:10
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Isn’t it really fascinating how technology is engaging its entrance in the field of education? It is not to mention that the rapid use of technology is changing the manner in which students learn and acquire information. It is none other than artificial intelligence that has helped the educators these days to provide a customized learning environment to the students. Such systems have been developed by the researchers that can automatically be detected whether the students have understood the study material or not.
AI conversational tools, also nicknamed ‘Chatbots’ have been built for improving student interaction and cooperation. These Chatbots are acting as a silver bullet in the creative ed-tech world.1. Learning
Intelligent tutoring system, a popular feature of AI, provides a customized learning environment to the students as it analyzes their go-through and responses to learning content. Likewise, AI chatbot has the ability to transform lectures into a series of messages and make it appear like a standard chat conversation. It repeatedly evaluates the understanding level of the student and confers the following part of the lecture suitably. So, in the form of text, images, videos or a combination of these, it presents a specific topic to the students. After students learn the topic, they take quizzes and then submit the results to their teachers. It helps teachers to easily monitor the students’ performances.
2. Student Engagement
Can you find students these days who are not aware of messaging platforms and social media? No, right? From communicating with each other to researching topics to finding help for assignment, students either turnaround to such platforms or make use of a virtual assistant.
Messaging would make it so much convenient for both students and teachers to get connected to the classrooms, activity clubs and other groups. It would make much easier for students to receive important information, like due dates, events, assignment related stuff, etc.
CourseQ is one such Chatbot as it helps students, college groups and teachers by providing them a platform to communicate easily. It can be used by college groups to broadcast important notifications and messages and answer students’ queries. Students can use it too for clearing up their doubts and interact with the class for the same.
3. Smart Feedbacks
Another important part is feedback from the students and teachers to improve the learning procedure. Feedback from students gives teachers the opportunity to identify potholes in their teaching methods. Also, feedback from teachers enables the students to pinpoint the sections where they need to put extra efforts. Teachers can provide students the feedback seamlessly along with assignments and tests. Online and printed forms are generally used by the institutions for getting students’ feedback. However, Chatbots can make this process more authentic and engaging.
One such AI-driven Chatbot, called Hubert, is making this possible. What it does is that it connects with students and interrogates them about how the course can be outshined, what changes must be made and identify other areas which should be worked upon. It helps students to express themselves freely. The bot then scrutinizes the feedback and groups the stressed points stated by most of the students, and later forwards it to the teachers.
4. Teaching Assistants
Students frequently put requests such as “do my assignment” over the internet in order to find a source that can clear up their doubts and abet them in getting their assignments done. On the other hand, teachers also entail a helping-hand for untangling their manic timetables. But, bots have solved it all. They perform the same, repetitive chores of the teachers by acting as virtual assistants.
Answering students’ queries regarding the course segments, lesson sketch, assignments and deadlines are some of the tasks that bots are capable of doing. They can even keep track of the learning procedures of students. Providing customized feedbacks to the students, analyzing the learning requirements of students and recommending them learning material in accordance are also some of the bots’ features.
5. Immediate Help to Students
Covering everything from sending an email to finding guide for completing assignments online, technology has made it just a matter of clicks. Educational institutions are supposed to fly their communication procedure in order to attract attention of this quick generation. To inquire about the admission and other related processes, potential student’s line up every year at either the administration offices or college websites. Chatbots can handle related tasks quite easily and can prove to be convenient for both students and concerned college staff.
Chatbots have this ability to answer FAQs and they are quite good at quickly doing the repetitive, time-absorbing tasks. The students can directly chat with the bots and get their queries solved without bothering to visit institution offices or wait in queues.
6. Student Support
Know what’s one of the core reason for students dropping out of colleges? Poor Student Support!
Students not only require highly-qualified faculty, good course structures and maintained labs, but they also stand the need of quality support. Therefore, educational institutions need to provide complete information and interact with the students from time-to-time is a must. So here is an easy way, yes, Chatbots again. Students can receive all the necessary information regarding their college and courses during the admission process and related stuff easily through bots. They can guide students as they reach the campus. Students can also get information regarding scholarships, hostel vacancy and facilities, libraries, etc. seamlessly.
7. Latest Institution Information
Bots collect students’ data, such as their reaction over the information available or unavailable and their preferences while they interact with them. This helps them in assisting students beyond their requests. Institutions can make use of this data to trail the queries of students and further spot their areas of improvement. For instance, bots can figure out if they should modify the interface or add another web page for a separate topic. This process can be repeated separately by the institutions in order to mutate students’ requirements and inclinations.
Education is one of the booming fields for Chatbots as they can be used to make the leaning processes more fascinating and undertaking for students as well as teachers. They can act as helping-hands when it comes to minimizing the humdrum of the concerned staff of the institutions. Consequently, a rapid growth of the education precinct, satisfactory interactions among the students and teachers and a modified classroom atmosphere can be expected. It would both upgrade the students’ learning and stimulate vision and interest among them.

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