How Cambridge Analytica Used Social Media to Influence the Election

Published: 2021-09-10 14:50:10
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Among different news channels in the USA, Channel 4 is the first one to claim about unlawful business practices performed by Cambridge Analytics and stated that they used people’s personal data in a political campaign to collect more voters for increasing the probability of Trump’s victory.
With responding to this allegation, Cambridge Analytica refuses to agree that they have any role in such illegal practices. According to the company, Channel 4 is deliberately trying to downfall the company’s reputation just because they have supported Trump for his political campaign. Channel 4 had sent their reporter in a get up of a Sri Lankan businessman and make conversation about their strategy on political campaigns, which have been edited and brought in front of the public in an absurd manner. They had misrepresented the conversations and compelled all people to agree that the analytical company has used illegal practices to utilize personal’s profile in Trump’s electoral campaign. The undercover reporter sent by Channel 4 had attended a series of meeting with Cambridge Analytica senior executives to discuss benevolent, infrastructures and political projects in Sri Lanka. To govern these works, the senior executive has highlighted the company’s work principle by comprehensively illustrating the services like data-driven communication, data analytics and digital marketing offered by them to run the campaigns successfully. By targeting the news channel, they also said that they are not in a business of fake news or entrapment that could degrade their company culture and reputation. Along with that, he also mentioned that many companies have existed who did such type of activities and still doing so. But when it comes to their culture, it totally a type of crossing the line which they never preferred. This clear statement did not enough for that undercover reporter and he started entrapping the CA executive by deploying a number of questions in front of him regarding the unethical practices. The meeting was successfully going on with the reporter discussing the legitimate projects and ethical standing on political campaigns. Unexpectedly, the reporter turned the conversation towards the practices like corruption and entangled of political figures.It’s become very critical for the analytical company to maintain their reputation and therefore they possess no intention that could let them work on the projects which contain accessing of reputational and security risk. That’s what the reason the company keeps on trying to undertake a conversation with potential clients to tease about their unethical or illegal intentions. When such type of intentional questions was asked by the undercover reporter, the two executives of Cambridge Analytical itself took the step to encourage their potential clients to disclose their intention and never talk about those again.
They make informed decisions by analyzing the meetings and intentional acts of the prospective clients and make a certain step about those whom they should or shouldn’t make business with. They follow the regulations determined through Section 9 of the UK Bribery Act 2010. They don’t let their employees escalate such conversation and recommended them to quit the meetings and remove themselves from that situation.
Hower Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix realizes that he unable to maintain such confidentiality in this case and misjudged the situation. In the consistent stream of discussion, he forgot their discipline and included some absurd words during the conversation which they are actually aware of. This led the company to undergo hypothetical scenarios. They value the feeling of public and their great contribution during an election but the way Channel 4 has represented their company works is absolutely ludicrous. He also mentioned that his company has never supported any action that can degrade their company reputation such as encouraging entrapment, bribes or usage of untrue materials for any purpose.
Channel 4 News knowingly misrepresents the truth in such a way that is conducive to their objective. Cambridge Analytica denied any wrongdoing. They were able to get around 50 million plus Facebook record in a span of a couple of months. They had a relationship with GSR that did some research for CA back 2014. That research proved to be fruitless and so they did not get any data to come from Global Science Research. Through data analysis, they had picked up the targeted users from the social media with a concern that they must know their data is being used in the political campaign and utilized them for Trump’s electoral campaign.
The company’s CEO is immensely regretted of his participation in that meeting and unfollowing the rules they set up for a company’s confidentiality. He also mentioned that he should have aware of the incident during the meeting period when the discussions were escalating to political corruption and other unethical usages of analytical companies. On that time onwards they should have stopped the conversation and let the client hire another instrument for such activities. This act brought them to a point where nobody appreciating their effort they put on the electoral campaigns instead treated them with a perception of hatred.
When it comes to picking the best data analytical company from worldwide, Cambridge Analytica is always been one of the toppers. It is a high-profile company that first analyzes the intention of clients and their moto behind conducting any political campaign. Only the ones who are suitable or fit for organizational ethics are accepted by the Cambridge Analytica. The company provides all kind of political assessments to their clients throughout the world. Most importantly, they are not new to this field. They used professional political consultancy who easily realize the requirements of the campaign and provides the services accordingly with the support of data analytical, advertising and digital marketing teams. They even permit the clients to do work with them discreetly so that a perfect electoral campaign could be established.
It cannot be said as an unusual act if a company is using social media platforms with enabling paid services and organic content to advertise their campaigns. With the use of influence marketing, the company had built a citizenry network on social media that helps the Trump and his representatives to win over the voters.

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