The Role of Nomination Process in Equity of Us Elections

Published: 2021-09-10 06:55:09
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As one of its special powers, the United States Constitution has given the Congress the mandate to nominate individuals to be appointed in one of the United States service academies, the U.S Military Academy, the U.S Naval Academy, the U.S Air Force Academy, and the U.S Merchant Marine Academy. Since the nomination entails identification of qualified candidates, congressional staffs are required to perform community outreach in their respective congressional districts. The nomination guidelines, selection criteria, and the number of appointments are stipulated by the statute and policies reputable to each academy. However, there are no regulations governing the congressional nomination process; nonetheless, it should comply with the chamber Ethics and must meet the stipulated academies’ deadline. Therefore, each congressional district may develop its nomination process. The importance of this process is to ensure that there are equity and equality regarding representation.
In the 97th United States Congress, following the 1980 census, the number of congresspersons in Florida and New York were two in each Congress. On the other hand, in the 113th United States Congress, following the 2010 census, both Florida and New York districts had two congresspersons each.Focusing on the two occasions and the fact that the populations of the two districts have been increasing, the districts deserve more slots for the nomination of congresspersons. Therefore, a fewer number of appointments in the two districts has the implication that their political powers are declining with time. In case there are a high number of congresspersons from a certain district, its overall representation in the Congress is increased. As a result, people living in the district in question will have more political power than their counterparts will from districts with less number of congresspersons in the Congress.
Electoral College
Americans voters choose presidential electors or the Electoral College. The US Constitution assigns every state a definite number of electors that are equal to the state’s House of Representatives and Senate delegations. Currently, the number of deluges per states ranges from three to fifty-four while the country has five hundred and thirty-eight presidential electors. In the elections, voters elect slates allocated to presidential electors that are chosen to represent party presidential candidates and their vice president. The slate that garners the majority votes wins the election in that state in a process known as winner-take-all.
The 1888 Presidential Election
In the 1888 Presidential Election, Cleveland garnered more popular votes than Harrison did, but Harrison won the election because he had a superior electoral vote. In this case, it means that Cleveland won more votes in states that had less electoral votes. On the other hand, Harrison won in states that had a larger electoral vote. In the winner-take-all, presidential electors votes for the president with the larger share of the popular vote. Moreover, a difference of 1% in popular vote gives a candidate the electoral vote. Therefore, in populous states, a presidential candidate only needs to win by one percent to get the electoral vote. As such, it means that Harrison won in populous states with a larger number of presidential electors by a small margin but lost in smaller states. Eventually, Cleveland won the popular but his votes concentrated in states with low numbers of presidential electors. Although such cases are rare, it shows that to win in populous states gives the presidential candidate an added advantage to become the president even if they lose the popular votes.

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