How Food Should Taste, Look Like Or Smell According to Different Scientists

Published: 2021-09-29 11:45:09
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As humans we have certain expectations of how food should taste like or look like. According to Charles Spence (23 August, 2012), it can be stated that our taste is based on what we have consumed in the past, or what has been consumed by someone else. This could mean that if the colour of the food looks off, the brain can channel us to think that the food tastes disgusting. A blog called Konica Minolta discusses that matters of how colour affects an individual’s perception. It discusses how taste buds and the scent of food play an important role when it comes to tasting food. Taste buds and the scent determine whether food is sweet, salty, sour or bitter. The phrase “eat with your eyes” could be used in this context as a reference because each individual judge’s food based on what they see before eating and debates whether the food will taste good or bad.
Food colour additives are defined to be a substance that is added to food and normally isn’t consumed in food itself. Colour is an important factor when dealing with food, it can have an influence in people’s moods and an individual’s appetite. When processing food there are certain reasons why manufactures add colour to food, the reasons are to:
Avoid colour loss due to exposure to light, air or temperature.
To provide colour to foods that are colourless for attractiveness.
To protect flavours and vitamins that could be affected by the sunlight when transported.

People’s perception of taste will be based on the colour of beverage and the scent that will be added to the beverage. People will assume that a certain colour will be a certain flavour because of their past experiences. Example the colour red/pink will be assumed to be strawberry.
The aim is to investigate if the people can differentiate the taste of the beverage depending on its colour and scent. The research will be carried out using soda water that will be inserted with different food colouring and different food scents.
Source 1
Title: Is it the plate or is it the food
Author: Charles Spence
Date: 11 August 2011
Type of source: Article
This article discusses and investigates whether the appearance of plates shape and colour have an influence of the taste of food that was served. The study carried out by Charles Spencer, he used black and white plates some were round and square to carry out his research.
The study above is proved to be relevant, especially in the restaurant setting, where appearance factors, such as presentation of the food on the plates can affect one’s food liking. This experiment relates to the topic, besides the experiment focusing on different factors it can assist in gathering information for the research.
The information on the article can be considered reliable as a study has been conducted. It illustrates different factors that can affect food. Several authors partake in conducting this experiment which indicates that the experiment carried out wasn’t based on a subjective point of view. Many participants were also used to carry out the experiment for more data to make the source reliable. This article was published recently (April, 2011) meaning it could still be useful and reliable in this day of age.
The source adds value to those who are n businesses such as managing restaurants as it gives enough insight on how the colour of plates and their shapes, does have an effect on an individual’s perception on food. This source can be considered as a primary source as tests have been done but also research took place in order to gain more insight on perceptions of food.
There are various limitations in this source because it doesn’t state who are the several authors and their qualifications which could contradict with the source on whether the source is really reliable
Source 2
Title: The influence of the colour of the cup on consumers’ perception of a hot beverage
Author: Charles Spence and Betina Piqueras-Fiszman
Date: 23 August 2012
Type of source: Journal
A study done by Charles Spence and Betina Piqueras-Fiszman (2012, August) was to investigate whether customer’s perception of a hot drink like chocolate can be influenced by the colour of the cup they drink from. Four cups of the same size were used but they only differed with the colour to help assist with the investigation.
The results that Charles and Betina were able to collect can help scientist or doctors to know how the brain can integrate with visuals such as colour and shapes that people come across. The aim of this investigation was to test how physical factors of a container can have an influence and individual’s perception about food and their experience with food in general. The source is also valid because of the day it was conducted (2012)
The source is reliable because of the it has been written and conducted by people who have a qualification in studying food and that factors that affects people’s perception. Spence’s qualification is in experimental psychology and Piqueras-Fiszman has a qualification in Marketing and Behaviour research study.
These results can help assist chefs and business men or women who work in business sectors factor that work with beverages and food to think more broadly about their packaging when selling consumers
Source 3
Title: Impact of colour on marketing
Author: Satyendra Singh
Date: 2006
Type of source: Internet Article
Colour has been proven to be a source of information. Singh (2006) says that a person makes up their mind within 90 seconds of interaction with people or products. Colour has become a huge factor in the society and in marketing. It has a role in changing moods and one’s decision
The article focuses on the impact that colour has in the market. In corporate businesses and franchise company’s colour is used to promote a brand. The article is relevant as it discusses the factors that colour can have in a marketing industry, example in stores there are always sales to advertise that a store has sales they use the colour red because red brings instant attraction to the consumers, it is bright and dominant. The relationship between the topic of this project and this article is the role that colour has in the environment and how it can impact one’s decision.
The source is reliable because there’s no evidence that an experiment has been conducted. The article also doesn’t have cites to show that research has been done to collect the data, meaning that the source could be based on biased judgements.
Besides the article being unreliable, Singh’s findings can help educate managers in a food industry that colour does have an impact on an individual’s appetite and influence an individual’s mood. This is source is useful to my study because I can insert different food colouring colours that can help me analyse one’s expression before tasting the beverage.
The article does not cover all the aspects on which colour can have influence one’s mood. Example if the colour green is grouped with the expression of disgust. Furthermore it does not explain how colour can increase or decrease appetite or how it can enhance someone’s mood. Example if bright colours enhances someone’s mood in a negative or positive way.
Source 4
Title: Colour as a factor in food choice
Author: Fergus M. Clydedale
Date: 29 September 2009
Type of Source: Article
The article raises an interesting point of view on how at birth, the nature has taught us on how to make judgements of our environment based on colour. According to Fergus M. Clydedale, colour has been shown to be able to replace sugar and still maintain sweetness perception in flavoured foods.
The source can be considered as an invalid source because the work is not the publisher’s original work but instead it has been extracted from another article. The date which the article was published also plays a role on how effective the information is on the outcome of this research task. Although this source is relevant to the experiment that will be conducted as it discusses on how the colour can be a factor in food decision making.
The source is not reliable considering that it has been published, as known experiments change due to the upgrades of technology, and how food is processed. In addition although it isn’t the author’s work, the author “Fergus M” does have an experience when it comes to working with food as he works in the food science department making it reliable.
The source does have limitations as it doesn’t provide enough information on why is colour considered the factor of food choices and also the author doesn’t prove why the other sources he used are valid in terms of research purposes.
Source 5
Title: How does the way of food looks like or smell influence taste
Author: American Science
Date: not provided
Type of source: Blog
In this blog the experiment was done by Dana Small who is a neurologist, she aims is to prove that the scent and the looks of food does have an influence of thee taste. She carries this experiment out by using wine. She gathered professional wine tasters to carry out her experiment. Furthermore she explains how our nasal together with our mouth plays a role in influencing the taste of food. She uses words such as “olfactory referral” to describe the process of how the smell travel through our mouths and affect the taste and also uses the term “retronasal olfaction” to describe how the scent travels through our nasal passage.
The source is valid because it discusses the factors on how sight and scent has a role when it comes to tasting food. This is relevant to my topic because the participants will first have to judge the beverage before they taste the actual beverage, this will help me collect data on what was the first impression of the drink and their thoughts of the beverage.
The source is reliable because it was done by a person who has a good qualification to make such judgements and analysis. The source is also reliable because she used professional participants to get valid and reliable views. In additional the website is a scientific website stating that the data collected is trustworthy and factual.
The blog can be useful in terms of gathering information on whether colour does affect one’s perception of taste since the main sense that will be used is sight and smell to judge the food based on colour.
The use of professional participants can have an effect of the data collected because professionals already have the knowledge on how different wines taste like, therefore it would have been better to have professionals and unprofessional people to carry of experiment. Another limitation is that the date of when the experiment was conducted is not given therefore this could make this source irrelevant.

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