The Importance of Switching to the Organic Foods

Published: 2021-09-04 14:30:13
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How important is it to eat organic foods? Can food-fed pesticides be so bad in your health? The answer is yes: every day, researchers find more evidence of the terrible health effects of pesticides to which we are exposed to the food we eat. Provide nutritious food that can be achieved in a short time. It is a preparation of the best. Plan ahead and avoid unhealthy quick fixes to avoid fast foods and other unhealthy solutions. Ideas for staples include:
Fresh fruit. Have fresh fruits (organic if possible) washed, sliced if necessary, but ready for those quick extras to eat at lunch. Nothing adds fiber like an apple or a juicy pear (about 3 grams per fruit) and kids love its sweetness.In addition to their wonderful antioxidant properties, fruits (and vegetables) play a crucial role in balancing the acid-base ratio in the blood. Too much acid over the years can cause debilitating diseases (cancer, kidney disease, diabetes). Consuming fresh produce will make your blood more alkaline and cleaner.
Fresh vegetables. The best option is the farm of houses, organic or a local farm. Be sure to wash and cut your vegetables in advance. Just have sandwich bags or small containers nearby so that you or your children can quickly take a serving of vegetables and put them in your lunch box. Fish oils, anyone?
If you have certain allergies or contraindications for the consumption of fish oils, you should consider keeping high-quality fish oil capsules in stock. The lack of omega-3 fatty acids in North America and fish oil can help regulate insulin levels (and thus stop storing body fat), reducing inflammation. Did you know that fish oils can play a role in children with ADHD? Regardless of whether your child is diagnosed as such, DHA is deficient in the American diet (docosahexaenoic acid). This is an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish.
Make sure your children have fish oils daily. Experts do not agree with the dose that children should consume, but 1 gram per day is considered a safe standard. You can buy fish oil capsules for children that come in flavors such as orange or strawberry. Search online or ask at a local health food store.
Add some capsules to the junior lunch, and you can count on your brain developing well, and soon you will be more powerful than a locomotive, capable of overtaking tall buildings in a single movement … or at least obtaining a healthy source of omega 3 in his repertoire.
Whole grain bread. The bread is made of flour that comes from grain, mainly wheat. A grain of cereal is composed of three parts: the sound, the endosperm and the germ. Whole grain contains all parts of the grain. But refined grains such as flour for white bread have refined an abundance of fiber and nutrients, leaving only the starch-derived endosperm.
The elimination of bran and germ also eliminates important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, proteins and fiber. But for you and the kids, make whole-grain bread and fiber-rich bread. The target for at least 3 grams of fiber per slice. It’s harder to find than you think, but it’s worth it for your sanitation. ?
Nut or seed butter. If food allergies are a problem, try sesame seed butter, sunflower oil or pumpkin seed butter. Peanut butter (organic and/or homemade), almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, etc. are important sources of healthy fats and some proteins because they contain no sugar, partially hydrogenated oils or preservatives.
Also note that most conventional brands (Peter Pan, Jiffy, etc.) may contain genetically modified peanuts (GMOs). Nobody knows what they do for our body and our genes in the long run. So, stay away from GMO if you want your kids and you to live as close to nature as we should. In case of doubt, do not buy it. If a label is not clear, it’s probably GMO.
Raw honey, apple butter and/or a low-sugar jelly. I found an apple butter produced locally in a health-food store. It only has apples and cinnamon – no added sugar. For example, it is very sweet on a sandwich with peanut butter and can be used in other recipes like bread, muffins and pancakes.
I will buy bulk raw honey from a food stock. Although it is a sugar, raw honey contains immunostimulant properties and vitamins B. Go, it’s darling. You can also use honey for any cooking or recipe that requires sugar and does not affect your immune system.
Dried fruits. This is a simple snack with lots of energy, especially good for pick-up food. Do not forget to use them after a sport or a game or when hypoglycemia occurs. They have a high-calorie pit and are great treats for lunch. Yes, I know – it’s not a chocolate bar or a little Debbie.
But think in terms of untreated and without preservatives, not to mention the benefits of the immune-boosting properties of natural fruits. Speaking of preservatives, sometimes dried fruits are mixed with sulfur and sugar. Be sure to read the labels for clarity.
Water. Bottled water is useful, but perhaps not environmentally friendly. Why not buy an insulated bottle and fill it with the best substance of nature for body cooling, fiber solution, life-sustaining hydration?
Save money on canned drinks with straws and reduce your child’s access to fast sugars such as fructose corn syrup from juices. Their sugar comes from fruit and vegetables and dried fruit, they are less concentrated and contain fibers and phytonutrients to fight cancer and to optimize the function of the immune system.
Bonus tip: Whole grain (best for breakfast or dinner). Oats, quinoa, brown rice or basmati rice (unusual white rice), millet, buckwheat etc. These are the unprocessed carbohydrates that contain fibers and sugars for your body without adding it to you or your child’s waist.
Please stay away from white flour products. The white flour is not nutritious and it serves only to quickly add blood spray sugar and a possible crash as soon as possible. You can cook oats for the week and keep them in your refrigerator to make a simple and good breakfast and add a muffin or your own home. Try to cook a little more unwanted cereals.

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