How to Change Society

Published: 2021-09-01 15:15:10
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I believe that society had changed for the worse in the world. It was simpler times back 68 years ago, the social climate might have been worse then it is today, but at what cost have we paid to change that? Are we really united when media portrays that drug use is a normality to our children? Is the World truly united even though we cause wars for nonsensical reasons? Some of the problems are even right in your face and you don’t even notice.
One of the reasons that the world was better off 68 years ago was that the use of social media and other huge media outlets weren’t selling the idea of taking hard drugs to our children. Also, there is also the argument that children were using drugs back then as well, even though that is true, they were low class more easy to find narcotics like Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marihuana. In the present day, you see children taking harder and more deadly drugs like Codeine and Fentanyl, even some are taking hallucinogens like mushrooms and DMT. So, the most devastating part of this tragedy is that we are doing nothing about this epidemic, nothing to stop the media portrayal of drugs being good, and nothing to stop the children from actually partaking in this trend of addiction and death. Another reason of why the world is becoming more deprived of humanity is that Humans are taking interest in the fact that war is not a event of last resort anymore. It is a way to keep the cash flow going. The military industrial complex has become a vital piece of economic prosperity of the government that they can’t possibly bear the idea of losing the income of it. The U.S. government spends 4.24% of it’s GDP on defense. It is probably way more then that amount when you factor in all the private companies providing arms manufacturing, security, R & D, services to multi-national companies and different nations.
That is why the world is on a worse off direction then it was 68 years ago. The social climate might have made advancements in the past decades, other positions in society have not. For example, the case of the military industrial complex. Also, with the portrayal of drugs being a good thing in media. The problems are right in our face, but we can’t do anything about it.

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