The Lifelong Journey of Being Unique

Published: 2021-09-15 10:20:10
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Human is the most advanced and sophisticated design of the entire creation. Each created with a unique formula. But humans created robots out of themselves, with a set of programming for themselves. Such an irony and what a waste. Since the minute we are born, till today ( whatever age you are) we are conditioned, shaped by all kinds of systems- family, society ,history, school, culture and traditions, economics and lately social media.we live on what we have been told or inclined towards either their interest or ours. We are trained to accept our environment and situations.
Right now, we are merely an accumulation of our surroundings. We can’t even call our mind as second hand as it has been moving from one hand to another all these years. Every thought in our mind is just a recycling of what is already fed in our mind by our surroundings. We are programmed to perform ( although robots these days perform a way better than Humans) in studies,in career, in marriage, relationships, in giving back to the family and society and so on.Have you ever thought,if life is meant to live and rejoice ( as mentioned in scriptures) then why are we not living and constantly performing instead,and that too with so much efforts ? Why does our work , our relationships seem a burden if they are meant to empower us and participate in our journey of self growth at first place. May be because we have given up our ability to feel and to live in exchange of roles and rewards. We are running a rat race trying to become something and someone, completely missing out the purpose. Every single human being is unique and different, and this is the ultimate truth. If this is so, has your mind ever been able to ponder as to how and why are we all just a replica of each other’s lives( just photocopied on a bad machine) ?
When our mind is borrowed, how can our life be true and authentic? This hypnosis of our mind has left all of us imprisoned. A prison without walls. And just because we aren’t able to see the bars, we don’t realize that we are caged and hence no desire to escape. Even if this desire to be free happens , either we confuse this with us being unnatural or freaky, or we don’t have that courage to acknowledge it and accept ourselves. All that chaos in us, our curiosities, insecurities, our longings, our dreams , our seeking for the unknown is not futile. It’s substantial. It is that burning fuel which will lead us to the path that leads to US..
When we are created as a part of that universe which is infinite, Why should we remain just an accidental being who keeps accommodating with the situations. We need to realize that we are BEINGS, We exist in this universe because the universe exist within us, We are not just the waves that rise and drop in the ocean, we are the mighty ocean itself. We need to breach the surface and dive within. Yes, You are allowed to be a masterpiece and work in progress both at the same time. Let’s connect and try to solve the mysteries together. Lets uncover our splendour, our true source. Our only intention is to be more alive, more loving, more joyful, more dancing and playing, more abundant inside – out.
There might be nothing wrong in just being at the surface like a fountain but We do not want to die carrying the burden of all the lives we didn’t live and all the mysteries unsolved. So,let’s experiment on ourselves but, that in the end, we could say – I am my own piece of art. This life journey had been my masterpiece.

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