Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology to Reduce Air Pollutant Emissions

Published: 2021-09-04 00:30:11
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I propose the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology to reduce air pollutant emissions by transit buses in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. I will also determine the effect of operating HCMC’s bus network using hydrogen fuel electric buses based on the availability of infrastructure and technology. The purpose of this memo is to request confirmation to pursue research on the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the city’s bus fleet. If I’m allowed to start my research, the question of whether Barryco Inc. should invest money into this technology will be answered.
Air Pollution in Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam, has undergone rapid economic growth and urbanization in some recent years. Today, about 8,224,400 citizens are in need of transport. This leads to the significant increase in the number of cars, motorbikes as well as transit buses. Although public transport accounts for 10% of traveling demands of local people, buses are factors that cause pollution. The reason is that buses are not using clean fuels or environmentally alternative fuels. According to an incomplete statistic, the number of patients in Ho Chi Minh City relating to air pollution is increasing. Air pollution increases the chance of respiratory problems, making millions of people suffer from chronic obstructive lung disease each year.Although Ho Chi Minh City’s government recognizes the emissions from its public transport is one of the major factors causing its severe air pollution problems, not many solutions have been implemented because most of them are unaffordable. The government now is calling for other innovative solutions from foreign companies.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology – An Innovative Solution
The hydrogen fuel cell technology is one of the most innovative technologies in the word at the present. The major feature that makes it innovative is that its only byproducts are heat and water vapor, making hydrogen fuel cells a truly zero-emission technology. Fuel cells combine hydrogen and oxygen in an electrochemical process to generate electricity. A fuel cell can be considered similar to a battery. Nevertheless, a fuel cell can produce electricity continuously without needing to be recharged, as long as it is supplied with hydrogen and oxygen. I believe that Hydrogen Electric Bus using Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology can be a potential solution for the air pollution occurring in HCMC. With that being said, the hydrogen infrastructure, maintenance facility, long-term reliability, and cost should be further evaluated.

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