Impacts and the Future of Exoskeleton

Published: 2021-09-29 21:45:09
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Premature developments
Before humanity was able to function with basic technology standards, widening their mental aspect of futuristic technology. People who were unable to walk would use electric wheelchairs. This would be a way in which they can get from one place to another. However, in recent years, technology has been improved significantly. Currently, technology is everywhere. It is now the next step in helping people who suffer from medical conditions which can affect their movement and communication skills. Things that can help are HCI developments like robotic exoskeletons, mind control and intelligent prosthetic limbs. In the early deigns of virtual reality gameplay, a Nintendo WII, Kinect PS cam and simulators were used however in futuristic development there has been a breakthrough which allowed us to simulate physical and visual exploration of virtual reality simultaneously. Throughout this article, I will embark upon a future human computer interaction (HCI) development that could potentially save lives.
Impacts of exoskeleton
Exoskeleton suits impact will eventually make itself felt on nearly all members of society as the technology becomes widely adopted. With this prevalence will come enormous changes in how people go about their everyday lives. The HCI development that I will be explaining to you today is the firefighter exoskeleton. This is because it has a substantial potential to save lives of the unfortunate victims. But it also increases the fire fighters’ chance of survival. This is because the average weight of a firefighter’s “turnout” gear is around 50 pounds, and can get up to 75, 100 or even 125 pounds for emergencies like wildfires or water rescues. Now imagine trying to climb 20 flights of stairs or carry someone to safety on top of all that. In its current design, the exoskeleton weighs approximately 50 pounds but can help a firefighter carry additional weight of up to 200 pounds. The exoskeleton is designed to fit over the top of standard firefighting gear and is equipped with emergency release joints – one pull and the exoskeleton automatically disassembles and collapses. The main goal of the exoskeleton is to enhance the speed and muscle capabilities while walking, running, carrying and climbing to help be more successful in the event of emergencies.These exoskeleton suits will have a massive impact on culture, economy and society in the future. These suits can also be designed to suit other purposes not just a firefighter. For example, it can be used in the military, police, guards, etc. This proves that there is massive scalability for this HCI technology in the future. Alternatively, just like anything, this marvelous creation also has negative impacts such as:
Increased electricity consumption – It is very reasonable to suggest that the widespread adoption of exoskeleton suits would significantly increase our consumption of electricity. It is easy to imagine that the electrical grid will become stressed as a result of an acceleration in usage. However, this may not be the case. As improvements in battery technology will be occurring at the same time as refinements in powered exoskeletons it is foreseeable that future suits will be charged during the night. Similarly to electric cars, which are mostly charged during off-peak hours, exoskeleton suits might actually be beneficial to the grid. They could absorb the extra capacity available during the night time.
Criminality – One of the biggest exoskeleton suit impacts on the future may be crime. It’s not too difficult to see full-body, bullet-proof exoskeleton suits in the hands of criminals breaking into people’s homes and robbing them. This could become a serious issue especially in areas that are under-resourced. On the other hand, the adoption of real-time aerial camera surveillance. Gigapixels will replace megapixels as the new camera standard. These ultra-high definition cameras will be mounted on battery-powered aerial drones that will constantly provide a live-feed to everything. Such a world will have lower numbers of thefts, robberies and serious crimes such as murder and rape.
Overall, the future developments of human computer interactions have proved to be successful for exoskeletons as there are very few limitations and a major one would be the price of designing and building these suits, however it would be worth it considering the life changing improvements it can have on our daily lives.
Exoskeleton suits will eventually form an intricate part of human lives. They have many advantages and a few disadvantages. Though some people may not like what they have to offer progress is very hard to stop. Exoskeletons are one of the many upcoming technologies that are changing our world; in fact, this powered armor is going to impact society greatly. Exoskeletons can be provided for an array of uses such as helping and defending the wearer, assisting the survival of people in other dangerous environments, or even providing mobility support for aged and infirmed people. If society sees this as the next step into the future, then it will be very hard to stop these developments from happening.

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