Implementation of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry

Published: 2021-09-13 22:50:11
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Manufacturing is a long way activity which turns the raw material to finished goods were the huge market is highly interconnected. Current technology, quality control is carried out in two steps while purchasing the raw materials done manually and in the next step, it is systemized or manually checked according to the products they manufacture.
By applying Augmented Reality in this area will squeeze the time of the process flow. Exactly this is what the manufactures take as the main role in the process flow and faster delivery of quality products. Now focusing the quality product the bigger opportunity for manufacturers lies in CYBER-PHYSICAL- SYSTEM (CPS) which leads to forth industrial revolution ‘industry 4.0’and helps in ‘Continuous miniaturizing of sensor and actuators’ in the manufacturing process where the sensor is the interconnection of IOT. Overall CPS include IOT, industry 4.0, Big data & Augmented Reality this system monitors the production process from scratch to finished product and increasingly allow the customer to customize the product. For example:Scenario 1: Imagine after twenty years when a person ‘A’ during fresh up just, by Artificial intelligence (AI) breakfast will be readily provided by 3D printed furniture. Next, he moves to the office by auto taxi ‘Electrical vehicle’ while manufacturing electrical vehicle the raw materials for this kind of manufacturing industry purchases will be done automatically by the robot whose AI connected to the internet as it’s environmentally friendly, here CPS plays the main role in the quality of a product.
Scenario 2: In Engine manufacturing industry production process use certain AI robots which used for ‘milling’ process, by using IOT it can self-learn its current level and keep in self-awareness if any defect or update if needed. According to the variation of product manufactured (like a car engine, lorry engine)and intimate if advanced technology is available for milling and it chooses depends on the product we produce in the current situation and implemented into practice here the production of the quality engine is brought using CPS.
In the manufacturing industry, it’s important to think about workers where our manufacturing world will not be united without them. How much importance is given for worker’s safety and security likewise it’s mandatory to know the current feeling of worker’s. For example: The person working in manufacturing industry will update his social media page, the pages he visit and likes on that day will intimate the current feeling /mindset about the worker, so the IOT will automatically intimate “positive quotes or send the comedy GIF” to make them happy depend on likes and searches of worker. At the same time, creative ideas can be predicted based on their performance how active they are in an industry using “Sentimental Analysis” which helps in building the strong productivity chain among the industry.
“To Build Your Chain Strong Give them Enough Time to Play -Workers”
And while thinking about the consumerism the sentimental analysis helps in knowing about the customer feedback by their usage of our products. So sentimental plays a dual role in knowing about worker’s & customer’s mentality.
In manufacturing industry, the process flow in production will delay the delivery of final product because the lagging performance of worker due to their family problems or some other disappointments in their routine life may cause disturbed mindset or pressurized mentality makes them as inactive workers. So this delay creates a bad impression among customer. This is the scenario of industry before implementation of sentimental analysis whereas after implementation the mentality of workers are analyzed and cheered up by sending them (positive quotes or comedy GIF) according to their mindset so now they will find more active workers when active percentage on worker increases automatically the productivity and delivery time will be fast and we can know what specification/uniqueness make them purchase our product routinely will help to create bond with customer.
The worker’s mentality help manufacturers to build a strong chain in production flow whereas Customer’s mentality will automatically guide them on purchasing for inventory with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality which will guide them to choose and purchase the less Energy consuming product. Advancing the Quality control using CPS in manufacturing industry will reveal your industry standard position among the society.

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