Influence of Education on All Aspects of Our Life

Published: 2021-09-12 07:20:10
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Education is as old as the human race. Since the very dawn of civilization, it has been regarded as an essential concomitant of all human society. So it should be updated according to the need of the society as well as the individual. Perhaps today‘s education system hardly gives any guarantee for a successful life. Education in our secondary schools is mere acquisition of bookish knowledge and shaping marks card, rather shaping successful future, interaction between the teacher and the pupil, understanding, and handling the emotions in the right manner, at the right time in the right way. Our past experiences and experiments clearly delineate that even a person with high intellect cannot be always successful in his life. But why is it. So this vacuum is realized over the year. Many psychologists and educationists have been trying to bridge the gap between the success and discomfiture caused by head and heart. This logical inquiry continues over the years not only in developing countries like India, but all over the world. An answer was brought by introducing the concept of mental health and emotional intelligence in our education system.
We are living in the era of science and technology definitely it is an age of globalization. Science and technology spread their tentacles in every walk of our daily life. It is witnessed that our educational practices have been changed according to the need of global society. As a result, students of present schools and colleges have multiple responsibilities in the society. So that number of courses subjects and cocurricular practices are multiplied. Hence students become restless and over loaded with work. They show lack of integrated development with physical, social, emotional, cognitive and balanced mental health due to total stress. The urgent prerequisite of our present school education the emotional and mental health components in education should include these components must become part and parcel of our school education to shape future generation.Role of our education should be catering to the need of changing society. As a result of knowledge exposition our societal norms, cultural Practices, traditions, customs, beliefs, way of life and even our thinking strategies are also influenced. Hence it is the pre requisite of our mobilized society is to have modified educational objectives. All the level of our educational practices should be designed for fullest development of an individual. Educations facilitate an individual for all round development of inner potentiality, which should be life centered and practically applicable in their life situations. Education should help an individual to inculcate, various values including individual, societal, national and international values. It also helps an individual make aware of global challenges and develops an ability to meet such challenges. Our educational practices should facilitate for balanced development of cognitive, affective and psychomotor development of an individual. However education for mental health is not gaining much importance in our school education. Good mental health helps an individual to develop balanced personality. It is a status of an individual which helps psychological well-being of a person in the society.

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