Insomnia as a Result of a Lack of Parental Care

Published: 2021-09-14 10:25:09
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At the moment when people close their eyes, direct dozing off and having a “trip” to London to see The Big Ben is definitely a good night sleep. Yet, tons of work and stress surrounding in the air everyone breathe, insomnia came into the life of many. Insomnia is defined as habitual sleeplessness or inability to sleep. Nowadays, insomnia is one of the complicated and common conditions faced by people. Those who were alone, divorced, or widowed and smoked at bedtime will suffer this kind of symptom too. A survey of the sleep habits has shown that 70.5% of the surveyed adolescents suffer from insomnia. It was found that lack of parental care would cause someone to suffer from insomnia. First and foremost, parents play an important role in accompanying their children. In this era of globalization, most of the parents are too busy chasing after money to provide a comfortable environment for their children. They do not have much time to accompany their children as they are too focused on earning money instead of spending time with their loved ones. Do parents understand what their children actually want?
Most of the parents thought that giving them a comfortable environment is what a child wants. Companionship from parents is what a child wants the most but not a better and comfortable environment. Children will feel down and sad because their parents have neglected them. There were 121 cases about neglected children reported in 2018. They do not have care from parents and started to think negative, causing them to suffer from emotional problem. Furthermore, lack of parental care will influence one’s thoughts and feelings. Thus, this will cause someone to face emotional problem. Feeling sad or hopeless, self-blame, anxiety, and fear are the symptoms when someone encounter emotional problem. Anxiety usually occurs in response to situation in life, such as living in a war zone or living with doubt. They will face many problems while making decisions because they feel that actions taken will harm themselves and be against them. Emotional problem causes someone unable to think wisely and cast-off all requests from people automatically. They will start to feel stressed because they are unable to make any decision on their own. They are afraid to join any society because they felt tenterhooks about the actions taken by the society and may harm themselves after joining them. As a result, emotional problem will lead someone to feel stress. Last but not emphatically least, stress is the main cause of insomnia. Excessive stress will damage the central nervous system of human. Hence, people who are facing stress will keep their mind active during the night. This causes most of the people who suffer from stress will always have an anxious mentality which will lead them to have difficulty to fall asleep. Based on the analysis made by The American Journal of Managed Care, almost 46% of respondents encounter insomnia and it may interrupt their daytime activities which also conclude that insomnia is also stress-related. Individuals with high acute stress-related insomnia were more likely to report consuming alcohol to reduce stress and facilitate sleep. Stress will cause someone stay awake and active during night. Therefore, the main cause of insomnia is because of having excessive stress.As a conclusion, it is important to know that insomnia may be by a lack of parental care. Teenagers do not have good listeners who would lend their ears to express their feelings and problems faced by them, especially their parents and relatives. Family members should give them support and advice to prevent them from getting worst. In another word, parents should be giving more care to their children even if they are busy. Children will be having trouble to sleep because they will have a negative mind and also hard to relax their mind if parents continue neglect them. As a result, lack of parental caring will causes insomnia.

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